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Gas Pods™ To Save Gas

Gas Pods™ To Save Gas


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Brand: Gas Pods

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This unique product reduces drag and directly effects the fuel consumption of your vehicle. The designer who conceptualized the GasPods®, Bob Evans, was inspired by nature and noted that nodules found on whales accelerated water flowing past their bodies. Realizing that objects respond to air flow in a similar manner, the GasPods® inventor crafted aerodynamic prototypes and tested them on the roof of his own family car to immediate success. Since that time, GasPods® have been continuously tested by real world drivers to ensure the effectiveness of the product on vehicles in varying body styles. Environmentally friendly GasPods® are easily self-installed onto any vehicle's magnetically responsive surfaces and can be detached without damage to paint. Recommended placement is 4-5 inches apart near the back windshield. 9 pods per package, available in matt black or custom painted to match your vehicle Made in the USA.