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Gas Pods™ To Save Gas

Gas Pods™ To Save Gas

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Gas Pods™ To Save Gas

Whether you regularly drive a huge truck or you prefer to use a small car to handle your daily errands, fuel efficiency should be at the top of your list of concerns as a responsible driver. Not only does conserving fuel save the environment, but it leaves more cash in your wallet for any future travel plans and vacations you might have in mind. GasPods®are an excellent way to enhance the mileage of practically any vehicle, but likely not in the way you’d initially think. GasPods®aren’t pods that hold gas. In fact, they don’t go anywhere near your gas tank. Rather, they’re small nodes that fit securely on the top of your vehicle to increase its aerodynamic efficiency, overall allowing you to travel with less wind resistance, which means your engine doesn’t need to work as hard and burns less fuel. They’re an excellent, easy and inexpensive way to save gas over the years, and because they attach to your car’s metal surfaces with magnets, they’re simple to install and won’t damage your paint when and if you decide to remove them in the future. These pods, alongside a few other top-quality products, can help you build the best car care kit around so you’ll always get the most out of your car, truck or SUV, regardless of where the road takes you during your future errands and adventures. For even more added protection, check out the assortment of custom fit car & truck covers available. They’ll keep your paint job sleek and shiny with or without your fuel-efficient GasPods®installed. Whether you’re in it for the increased efficiency or the interesting look these accessories create, you’re sure to enjoy the results of this product.

  • Easy to install using magnets
  • Install 4 – 5 inches apart near your ride’s rear windshield for best results
  • Available in standard matte black or your custom car color
  • Package includes 9 pods
  • Doesn’t damage paint upon removal
  • Made in USA

This unique product reduces drag and directly effects the fuel consumption of your vehicle. The designer who conceptualized the GasPods®, Bob Evans, was inspired by nature and noted that nodules found on whales accelerated water flowing past their bodies. Realizing that objects respond to air flow in a similar manner, the GasPods® inventor crafted aerodynamic prototypes and tested them on the roof of his own family car to immediate success. Since that time, GasPods® have been continuously tested by real world drivers to ensure the effectiveness of the product on vehicles in varying body styles. Environmentally friendly GasPods® are easily self-installed onto any vehicle's magnetically responsive surfaces and can be detached without damage to paint. Recommended placement is 4-5 inches apart near the back windshield. 9 pods per package, available in matt black or custom painted to match your vehicle Made in the USA.