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Jobar Insta-Screen Mesh Garage Door Screen Black

Jobar Insta-Screen Mesh Garage Door Screen Black

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Stay Cool In Your Garage

Extra-strong weather resistant nylon mesh screen doors provide great ventilation while working in the garage. Magnetic center fasteners provide easy entry and exit, with everything included for installation. Easy to roll up and store when not in use, each style fits most one and two car garages.

Keep pesky mosquitoes & flies out and allow fresh air in. Now you can work in the garage or use it as an extra living area without worry. The screen hangs from your garage door opening and installs in minutes using grommets and a simple hook and lo

  • Magnetically closes
  • Instantly opens
  • Transform your garage into an extra living space
  • Center opening with magnetic closure for easy entry
  • Lets fresh air in and pesky insects out
  • Made of heavy-duty mesh nylon
  • Installs in just minutes

    Single door screen measures 96" (W) x 84" (H)
    Double door screen measures 192" (W) x 84" (H)

GARAGE REGULATION: The nylon mesh design allows fresh air to circulate into your garage while it prevents bugs and insects from entering

EASY ENTRY: The center opening magnetic closure allows you to easily enter and exit your garage. The weighted bottom keeps the screen in place

SIMPLE USE: The garage screen door is easy to install with the simple hook and loop tape. It’s easy to store as well


Determine where you want to install the mesh screen and place the screen against the frame or wall and mark the location of the included grommet holes.

Installing on cement board/drywall - Drill 3/4" deep holes through the center of the pencil markings using a 3/16" drill bit.

Insert a plastic wall anchor into each hole, tap lightly with a hammer until the wall anchors are flush with the wall surface.

Screw a 1" long screw into each wall anchor

Installing on wood frame - Hammer nails (not included) into the center of each pencil marking.  Make sure to leave 1/4" of the nail out to hang the screen.

Align the grommets on the screen with the screws/nails and hang

Locate the grommet holes on the lower area (one on each side) of the screen.  Slightly pull the corner of the screen downward to straighten and mark the grommet hole.  Repeat for opposite end.

Secure both sides of the garage screen by affixing the hook & loop strips (included) to the frame or wall of garage.

For the weight at the bottom of the screen - Remove caps from one end of each weight tube.  Fill each tube with sand or dirt and then replace the caps.

Finally, slide two weight tubes into the sleeve at the bottom of the screen on each side.