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Flow-Thru Car Wash Brush System WASH3PK

Flow-Thru Car Wash Brush System WASH3PK

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Brand: Mr. LongArm

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The patented HydraSoar water-fed telescoping extension pole features an insulated foam cover along the entire length of the body so not only is it comfortable to hold and use, it is also soft on your vehicle surface in case of contact. The extended slider tube is anodized which prevents rusting and the threaded end is made of durable nylar plastic.  This easy to use adjustable handle is designed to attach to a standard garden hose and the control shut-off valve allows you to regulate and control the water flow for whatever your cleaning task.  The water simply flows from the hose, through the handle and into the wash brush so you can have sufficient water when washing your vehicle.  Easily adjust the handle from 3’ to 6’ in length so you have enough reach for any area of your vehicle.  The 10” wide super soft flow-thru brush is the perfect tool to clean the finest paint finishes and features a full rubber bumper that prevents you from scratching your vehicle surface.  This brush includes a convenient built-in hang tab for easy drying after your wash job and to protect your brush from picking up small debris on the ground.  The flow-thru angle adapter is also included in this handy wash kit and has an angle adjustment of up to 270 degrees.  Made in the USA.

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