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Flitz Heavy Duty Truck Polishing Kit HD31506

Flitz Heavy Duty Truck Polishing Kit HD31506



Brand: Flitz

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The Flitz HD 31506 Heavy Duty Truck Polishing Kit will remove oxidation from aluminum, chrome, painted surfaces, acrylics, fiberglass, clearcoat, gelcoat and so much more. Flitz polish works great on aluminum diamond plate, polished & brushed stainless steel, chrome & fiberglass and is also safe on paint & plastic. Flitz buff ball and polish will safely and easily remove oxidation, grease, oil, road film, diesel fuel stains, bluing, mag chloride/salt corrosion. The Flitz Buff Ball won’t tear like foam and it fits any 3/8-inch drill or air tool. Buffs evenly so there are no low spots. Buffs at speeds up to 2,500 rpm. Self-cooling and won’t scorch or burn clearcoat. Plus, the Ball is washable* and reusable.

Kit Contains: 1-X-Large BuffBall (7" size), 1-Flitz Polish-Paste (1.76oz tube), 1-Speed Wax (1.7oz bottle)