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FLEX PXE 80 Game Changer Multi-Purpose Cordless Polisher 493503

FLEX PXE 80 Game Changer Multi-Purpose Cordless Polisher 493503

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FLEX PXE 80 Game Changer Multi-Purpose Cordless Polisher 493503

This amazing detailing tool is a unique design that combines a rotary polisher and random orbital polisher in one compact, cordless, easy-to-use unit. The FLEX PXE 80 Multi-Purpose Cordless Polisher FL418102 Game Changer includes adapters for rotary, 3mm throw and 12mm throw motions, as well as a set of two 1” pads that will work with all three motions. With this new system you can easily change out the backing plate and pad as needed. Ideal for spot repairs, paint correction, detailing, and much more. The complete kit includes a PXE 80 Polisher, 3 adapters (rotary, orbital 3mm, orbital 12mm), 3 backing plates (1” Velcro, 1” adhesive, 3” Velcro), 2 Rechargeable 2.5 Amp batteries, Charger and Tote bag.


  • Accelerator trigger switch with lock for slow and sensitive start and locking for continuous running
  • Bumper ring for safe handling
  • 4-speed settings for various working conditions
  • Brushless motor provides: longer service life, great performance, longer runtime
  • Constant speed control for effective working
  • Adaptor change. Rotary/Random orbital 3mm/12mm
  • Smart battery system with charge indicator
  • 2.5/4.0/6.0 Ah Battery Packs are compatible with all 12-V Flex tools
  • Measures: 10.5” x 2.5” x 3.75”
  • Weight: 1.5 lbs