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Fireman's 5-Pattern Spray Hose Nozzle Black F5HNBK

Fireman's 5-Pattern Spray Hose Nozzle Black F5HNBK

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Fireman's 5-Pattern Spray Hose Nozzle Black Part# F5HNBK

A full range of power allows this Fireman's 5-Spray Pattern Water Hose Nozzle to be used for tough jobs like cleaning concrete driveways and lawn equipment or gently watering flowers and greenery. This stainless steel, brass, reinforced fiberglass and Santoprene rubber nozzle fits any standard 5/8" hose and can project a powerful stream to reach gutters and second-story windows. Adjust pressure by selecting one of five settings and tackle everything from washing automobiles or RVs to gardening or outdoor cleaning.

  • 5 different spray patterns
  • Gentle enough fo garden watering and car washes and strong enough for deep cleaning
  • Touch spray patterns for outdoor cleaning and high windows
  • Fits any standard 5/8" garden hose
  • High quality - sainless steel, brass, fiberglass & Santoprene rubber
  • Dimensions: 2.25" diameter x 4.5" height
  • Backed by a limited lifetime warranty

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