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DustForce™ Soft As Flannel Indoor Custom Car Cover

DustForce™ Soft As Flannel Indoor Custom Car Cover

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Brand: California Car Cover Co.

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Warranty 4 Years


DustForce™ Soft As Flannel Indoor Custom Car Cover

DustForce™ Car Covers are a soft-as-flannel five layer composite material designed for the best dust protection, while pampering the finish of your vehicle. DustForce™ car cover fabric is made the proprietary technology that combines the softness of polyethylene with the strength and durability of polypropylene. It is strong, cushiony, breathable and very soft. DustForce’s middle layer provides a barrier to dust that flannel does not possess and it holds out even the finest dust particles. This layer helps DustForce™ car covers block out four times more dust than the current woven flannels. DustForce is 25% lighter in weight than flannels, so a car cover made from it is easier to handle; yet DustForce™ has better bulk to provide added protection against nicks and dings . Recommended for indoor use only, with only occasional outdoor exposure. 4-year limited warranty. Available in grey.  

DustForce Custom Car Covers are a soft-as-flannel fabric that are an ultrasonically bonded four layer composite material designed for the best dust protection, while pampering the finish of your vehicle. DustForce soft-as-flannel fabric is made with a proprietary technology that combines the softness of polyethylene with the strength and durability of polypropylene to produce a finished product that is the best for dust protection, strong, cushiony, breathable and very soft. Tactile test panels have compared our DustForce car cover fabric with flannels and found that the softness levels are equivalent. Dustop's middle layer provides the barrier to dust that flannel does not possess and it holds out even the finest dust particles. This layer helps DustForce covers block out four times more dust than the current woven flannels. DustForce is 25% lighter in weight than flannels, so a car cover made from it is easier to handle; yet DustForce has better bulk to provide added protection against nicks and dings. Recommended for indoor use only. 4-year limited warranty. This best indoor dust car cover is available in Grey. Made in the U.S.A.


  • Our Superior Dust Resistant Car Cover Fabric
  • Ultra Soft Like Flannel
  • Recommended for Indoor Use
  • Great For Vehicles with Extended Periods of Storage
  • Cushioned  material provides ding and scratch protection
  • Custom-Fit for the exact year/make/model
  • Available in grey
  • 5 layer non-woven construction for indoor storage and maximum dust protection
  • 4 Year warranty
  • Sewn in the USA with the highest quality standards


Nothing rivals the sight of a beautiful car with a glistening paint job. A clean, shiny surface can be almost mesmerizing, and to see it tainted by dust and dirt would be a shame. Keeping such contaminants away from your auto isn't always easy, though. Even with a covering, dust particles often find their way onto a car, and they can wreak havoc on a paint job by leaving micro abrasions behind. Drape your auto in a dustop car cover to keep it clean and protected at all times. A dustop provides soft and lightweight coverage that keeps the finest paint jobs shielded from dust.

Why Does Dust Matter?

The aforementioned micro abrasions are just one reason why dust is a major threat to your car. Dust of any kind can become embedded in the top layer of your car's finish and dull its shine substantially. The aesthetics of your car are not the only part of it that can be harmed by dust. If particles find their way into your mechanical system, they are liable to clog its air filter. If the filter becomes too clogged, airflow to the engine could be reduced, thus making your engine susceptible to overheating and internal damage. Needless to say, a custom car cover is a wise investment in its long-term performance and presentation.

Other Benefits of a DustForce Car Cover

What other benefits can a custom car cover offer? You may think that keeping your car indoors is sufficient protection, but even in a clean space such as a garage, it can be susceptible to damaging particles in the air. A dust car protector shields against these risks, but it can provide a number of other benefits, too. In the event that a would-be thief encounters your car, car dust covers can prove to be an effective deterrent. A custom DustForce tailor-made to your auto keeps it comfortably covered and safe from many of the threats that it could encounter—even indoors.


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California Car Cover Black Friday and Cyber Weekend Specials

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How to Clean & Care for your California Car Cover DustForce Car Cover.

  • Place the cover in a commercial washer (smaller covers can be washed in a standard capacity home washer).
  • Top Loading Machines: Pour 1/4 cup of Simple Green all-purpose cleaner into the washing machine after it has been filled with cool to warm water.
  • Front Loading Machine: Pour cleaner directly into machine and then place cover inside.
  • Use a gentle cycle if possible and rinse twice to remove excess cleaner.
  • Air Dry.

Non-Washing Machine Option:

  • Place the California Car Cover on your vehicle inside out.
  • Mix Simple Green all-purpose cleaner with warm water. Spray or sponge cleaner onto the cover
  • Rinse thoroughly with water until suds are gone and allow to Air Dry on the vehicle or hang dry.

Warranty Program:

DustForce Custom Car Covers have a 4-year limited warranty.

Each California Car Cover is backed up a multi-year warranty to ensure that your car cover is free from defects and provides the best in protection and performance. The warranty program offers repairs and replacements to the California Car Cover for 2-6 years from the original purchase date. Warranty periods vary by material, so let us know if you have any question about warranty coverage or review details about each material in our catalog or online. 

Warranty F.A.Q.s:

What Does the Warranty Cover?

If your California Car Cover tears or rips do not throw it away without contacting us first! The California Car Cover warranty covers wear and tear to the car cover under normal usage. We are here to assist you if the elastic loses its tightness, seams split, stitching comes undone, or if there is UV damage to the material. If your dog uses your California Car Cover as a chew toy or you snag the car cover on a sharp edge, we likely cannot cover that under warranty, but we will do our best to assist you with a repair.

How Do I Know If My California Car Cover is Still Under Warranty?

If you cannot locate your receipt, don't worry! We keep car cover information on file for the length of your warranty. Please give us a call and one of our Customer Service Associates can review your order history. Before calling, please have your car cover barcode/serial tag information ready. The serial tag is located along the front elastic hem of the car cover on the driver’s side. Having this information available during the phone call will reduce call time and expedite the return and inspection process. You can even email us a photo of the tag to check for warranty status. 

How Do I File A Warranty Claim?

Give our Customer Service team a call at (800) 423-5525 or contact us at: One of our associates will request some order information from you and also need some details about what is happening to your car cover. Photos are always useful. The associate will also need information from the barcode sticker that is attached to the front hem of the California Car Cover. 

Once the Customer Service Associate has located your order details, they will ask for the cover to be sent back to our processing center for inspection and repair. Simply send the cover back to us via UPS or USPS and make sure the provided Return Authorization (RA) # is labeled on the box. Once inspected at the processing center, our Customer Service Associate will contact you whether the car cover is eligible for repair, replacement or neither.

Does My Replacement Cover Have a New Warranty?

If we receive your old California Car Cover and determine that it is better to replace the old car cover under warranty than repair it, we will send a new California Car Cover to you in exchange. This is a new car cover, but it does not receive a new warranty.

For example, a Superweave car cover it comes with a 4-year warranty from California Car Cover. If that car cover fails after 3 years and we provide you with a replacement cover that new cover has 1 year of warranty coverage left on it.

Are Warranty Claims Ever Denied?

Unfortunately, we occasionally have to deny a warranty claim. If the car cover shows evidence of negligence or misuse, animal damage or the warranty coverage time period has lapsed, are some of the reasons that claims are denied. If you are notified about a car cover being ineligible for a warranty repair or replacement, you can discuss the next steps with one of our Customer Service Associates.

To the original purchaser, California Car Cover Co., Inc. warrants its custom fit car covers from defects in materials and workmanship, and against the fabric becoming unserviceable within the published warranty time during normal use. This limited warranty does not cover wear, soiling, fading, shrinkage, or stains from normal usage and care. Nor does it cover damage from abnormal usage or wear, such as animal damage or negligence. The product must be properly secured, maintained, and utilized for the purpose for which it was intended. California Car Cover Co., Inc. maintains the exclusive right to repair or replace the product within the published warranty period.

Return Authorization Number - Before returning any product for warranty claims please contact California Car Cover Co. Customer Service 800-423-5525 ext. 3 to obtain a Return Authorization Number. Any product returned without an RA Number will be refused and shipped back to the original sender at sender’s expense. We send and receive 100’s or car covers daily and an RA# helps us track and locate packages at our processing center.

Subject to Inspection - All warranty and defect returns must be inspected at California Car Cover Co., Inc. before a product is repaired or replaced. Customer will send or bring car cover to California Car Cover at their expense. Please save shipping tracking # for your records. A review of the car cover material will be made and decision determined as soon as possible after receipt. Warranty processing turnaround times can fluctuate during the year. Please allow 3-6 weeks for warranty repair orders and replacements to be conducted. A Customer Service agent can provide you with at ETA on your request at any time.  

  • If a defect is determined and the product is within the published warranty period, the unit will be repaired or replaced, at the sole discretion of California Car Cover Co., Inc., and shipped back to the original purchaser freight prepaid.
  • If no defect is found, California Car Cover Co., Inc. will return or destroy the product at the original purchaser’s request. The original purchaser is responsible for any inbound/outbound shipping expenses and all unclaimed returns will be disposed of 15 days after written customer notification.

Not Covered - Issues that are not covered by the warranty include, but not limited to, any extraordinary acts of nature such as severe storms, high winds, hail, hurricanes, tornados, floods, freezing rain, ice, etc, or damage caused by animals or pets. In addition, any product abuse as determined by California Car Cover Co. is not covered under our limited warranty. When possible and as a courtesy, California Car Cover Co. will attempt to repair damaged covers at a reduced cost, upon customer approval and request. Fading, which occurs in all dyed fabrics, does not affect the performance of the cover and is not covered under California Car Cover Co., Inc. warranty.

Credit Memos – Effective February 1st, 2007 California Car Cover Co., Inc. will no longer issue credit memos or refunds for warranty claims. If a product is found to have failed under warranty it will be repaired or replaced with an identical part number and shipped to the original purchaser or end user. The repaired/replaced product will retain the remainder of the original warranty.


Featured Vehicle

We have a library of over 100,000 custom fit vehicle patterns, so we almost always have a great fitting car cover application for your car, truck or SUV. Should you have a rare exotic car, low production specialty vehicle, vintage race car or custom hot rod, give our car cover specialists a call for additional assistance. We can help you in making a truly custom fit car cover no matter what you drive.

EXPERIENCE: California Car Cover has been selling custom fit car covers since 1989. The DeFrank family has been involved in the making and selling of custom fit car covers since 1967.

QUALITY: Our covers are manufactured using the latest technology and the best fabrics. Whether you are looking for the softest cover to pamper your classic or a durable cover to protect your vehicle from the elements, we have the right cover for you.

CUSTOM FIT: All of our California Car Covers are custom fit to the year, make and model of your vehicle. Whether it is a brand new car, rare exotic or unique classic, we can make a custom fit cover to protect it.

SERVICE: Our knowledgeable staff of enthusiasts is here to assist you with questions, troubleshooting and ordering.

PROTECTION: A custom-fit California Car Cover protects your vehicle from the elements, such as dust, UV rays, moisture, mildew and snow. It will keep your vehicle cleaner and protect your paint, trim and interior from harmful conditions.

WARRANTY: All of the California Car Covers include a valuable multi-year warranty that guarantees your cover for the length of the warranty.

INVENTORY: We stock 1000’s of our most popular covers for quicker shipping and delivery.

EASE OF USE: A custom fit cover takes only a minute to install and will provide lasting vehicle protection.


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