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Drum Works Furniture

Drum Works Furniture

Brand: Drum Works Furniture

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With a tag line of "recycle, repurpose and relax," you've got to love this company, and we strongly believe you'll love their unique product. Drum Works Furniture has recycled old oil drums into handcrafted pieces of fully functional art with this series of armchairs. Set one up in your home, office, shop or garage and invite guests to take a rest on the removable upholstered cushions set into the well-used powder coated drums, complete with dents and dings signifying years of actual use. Beneath the removable cushion is plenty of storage space. Choose from the brilliant green Sinclair Dino or bright yellow Roar with Gilmore chair with Nautolex marine grade vinyl-covered cushions or the yellow Polly Gas with black indoor/outdoor upholstered cushions. Want something really special? Grab one of the Flying A oil drum arm chairs, exclusive to California Car Cover!