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Deluxe Plushweave Cotton Flannel Car Fender Cover With Magnets

Deluxe Plushweave Cotton Flannel Car Fender Cover With Magnets

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Small tools are within easy reach and fenders are protected from scratching as you wrench away beneath the hood with this soft flannel-lined cotton fender cover in place. Made of the same material as our popular 100% cotton Plushweave car covers, the ultra-dense construction of the Deluxe Plushweave Fender Cover provides a cushioning barrier between you and your vehicle's paint. It measures 24" x 39" and has three stitched pockets with two strong magnets in padded corner pouches to stay securely in place. Remove the magnetic bars before washing. Sold as a single fender cover.

  • Protect your vehicle fenders from dings and scratches when using tools under your hood
  • Easy to wash and clean in your home washer & dryer
  • May be used for mutiple purposes such as a seat cover, soft place to sit in your garage or protection for valuables in your garage
  • Large 24" x 39" size
  • Available in grey or black colors
  • Sold as a single fender cover
  • Includes magnets sewn in to keep the fender cover in place
  • Made in the USA