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Dee Zee Hitch Mounted Bike Rack DZ760089

Dee Zee Hitch Mounted Bike Rack DZ760089

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Dee Zee Hitch Mounted Bike Rack DZ760089

Whether you’re planning a bike ride with the whole family or looking for a carrier that can handle your bike without any trouble, our hitch mounted bike rack is sure to give you the storage you need. With a capacity of up to four bikes and compatibility with I, II, and III Class vehicle hitches, this bike carrier can get your bikes secure as soon as possible. 

You want to make sure none of your equipment gets damaged in the process, and this bike rack is specially designed to keep anything from getting scratched or scuffed. The hitch mounted style gives you a reliable structure for attaching and securing your bikes, while the rubber cushions keep the frames from getting damaged. Once you’ve set up your bikes, you can tie them with individual straps to keep them steady on the road. 

The Dee Zee bike rack itself is designed to be sturdy and versatile. Thanks to its compatibility with multiple classes of hitches, you can trust that it will mount securely to your vehicle. Additionally, it is made of steel and finished with a protective powder coat, so it can bear the weight of multiple bicycles without causing any damage.

This storage rack for hitch includes several useful features: 

  • Hitch mounted
  • Can carry up to 4 adult-sized bikes
  • Compatible with I, II, and III hitches
  • Rubber prevents damage to bikes
  • Black protective powder coating works against rust

After ordering a dependable bike rack, don’t forget to protect your hitch with a hitch cover from our selection. All of our products are designed to keep your hitch shielded from water damage and vehicle accidents, making it last as long as possible. 

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