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Dee Zee Hitch Cargo Basket DZ760091

Dee Zee Hitch Cargo Basket DZ760091

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Brand: Dee Zee

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Dee Zee Hitch Cargo Basket DZ760091

Whether you’re shopping or heading out for an off-road adventure, sometimes you simply need a bit more space in order to get all of your necessary belongings to your desired destination. A good, strong hitch cargo basket is the ideal way to get the extra room you need for almost any situation. The Dee Zee hitch cargo carrier fits onto the trailer hitch of your Jeep, SUV or truck, and provides you with nearly ten square feet of extra storage space for anything you might have in tow. You have the ability to store up to 500 lbs. of additional equipment on your ride wherever you go when you have this truck cargo basket on your side. The high-sided tubing is what sets this hitch rack apart from similar products. The high sides allow you to store your cargo more securely, with less worry about your belongings spilling out. The tubing is made of reinforced steel, so you know your cargo will be secure while you’re on the go, even if you happen to be dealing with some particularly rough terrain. The black powder coating used on the exterior of the tubing not only looks sleek, but it serves to prevent rust as well, meaning your product won’t go weak and brittle after repetitive exposure to wind, rain and other extreme elements. This product can be used alongside a wide variety of other exterior accessories in order to make driving your truck that much sweeter. Interested buyers might also note that this product does not include a bike rack, but there are several similar accessories that do include this indispensable accessory.

• Cargo Basket
• Find Extra Storage In Your Hitch
• Fits Standard Class 3 Trailer Hitches
• Expanded Steel Floor
• Removable Quick Release Pins to Store Flat
• 500 lb. Capacity
• L: 60" x W: 20" x H: 18"
• 3-Year Warranty
• Lid Sold Separately