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Clay Smith Mr. Horsepower Woody License Plate A102

Clay Smith Mr. Horsepower Woody License Plate A102

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Brand: Clay Smith Cams Mr. Horsepower

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While your mancave or garage is likely decked out in a variety of metal and wood signs depicting various car related insignia, no space would be complete without the famous “Mr. Horsepower”. Carry your love for the performance mascot with you wherever you go with a Woody Woodpecker license plate frame. California Car Cover has the perfect license plate frame to fit your vehicle and show off your car attitude. Whether old, new or built from the ground up, we love cars and everything that goes with them.

A Legacy for Speed

Since the 1930s, Clay Smith has been designing cams made for high performance. His engines broke world records for speed enthralling racers and industry professionals alike. “Mr. Horsepower” arrived about the same time and forever became the symbol for the company. The woodpecker with the cigar gripped between his teeth is a trademark symbol that any racer or motorhead would be proud to own. They still make cams and engine accessories to this day and have become a trusted brand among motorheads. Your car shows off your unique interests and personality, so why stop at just the exterior color or model? Show your support and protect that new shiny metal with a clear cover license plate. 

A Look to Show Off

California Car Cover specializes in custom made car covers to protect the investments our customers have made in their rides. Universal car covers will protect the overall exterior of the car and that new license plate with durable material made to withstand nature or the insides of your garage. Added to that, we stock a variety of accessories to outfit your ride. A flame license plate frame brings a touch of personality to an otherwise run of the mill government requirement. Protect your interior as well with a custom fit dash cover available in a variety of designs to reflect damaging UV light and keep your dash looking like new. An added bonus is your car stays cooler in the heat of the summer. We have most things in stock and ready to be delivered, so you don’t have to wait for what you want.