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Golden Shine Clay Bar Mitts

Golden Shine Clay Bar Mitts

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Brand: Golden Shine Car Care Products

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Golden Shine Clay Bar Mitts

A high tech, rubberized clay bar coating is the secret to this amazing tool, and on the reverse is a soft microfiber. Tree sap, over-spray, tar, road grime, and dirt are eliminated with barely any effort at all, preparing your finish to bond effectively with polish, sealant and wax. This is not like typical messy clay bars that must be re-kneaded, and there is no need to toss it if dropped – simply rinse and get back to work! The 5.5" x 8.5" clay bar mitt can be used with a high-lubricity shampoo or as a quick detailer when paired with a dedicated lubricant. Use the Fine Grade for light to medium contamination, and the Medium Grade for medium to heavy grime.

  • Easily remove tree sap, tar, dirt, paint overspray and other contaminants from your paint
  • Even easier to use than a typical clay bar
  • Use in conjunction with a detail spray such as our Golden Shine Quick Shine
  • Makes your paint and glass super smooth
  • Comfortable to wear and takes away the worry of dropping the clay
  • Mitt measures 5.5" x 8.5"

Simple to use:

  1. Washdetail spray or dust your vehicle
  2. Spray your detail spray on the area you are going to clay and then wipe with your clay mitt
  3. Move the clay mitt back and forth on the area until smooth
  4. After smooth, detail spray the area and dry with a microfiber towel

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