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CIPA Universal Towing Mirror 11960

CIPA Universal Towing Mirror 11960

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Your RV is your home away from home whether visiting family, site seeing or exploring the wonders nature has to offer. Get to where you are going safely with CIPA universal towing mirrors. They provide you added inches to see what’s coming on the road, what’s behind you and what you are too close to when moving your rig. California Car Cover offers you the best price for your next road trip adventure, so you get their safely and affordably. You enjoy travelling, but don’t chance an unwanted detour due to lack of visual on whatever you’re towing. 

Safety First When Towing

With the added five inches, the attachable mirrors are perfect for universal towing, so you can see the full length of your trailer behind you. No more trying to crane your neck to try and see the back with just your standard side mirrors. Reversing and backing into parking spots are a lot easier with extra visuals on the trailer or RV. In addition, these CIPA mirrors don’t detract from your vehicle’s appearance and are easy to install. Use them when you need them and store them when you don’t. The mirrors are aerodynamic to limit unnecessary vibrations and are designed to fit most vehicle side mirrors. Take no chances with your safety and ensure your pull behind gets to where you’re going. You and your passengers can worry less and enjoy the adventure more. 

Excellent Customer Care

California Car Cover has spent the last 28 years working to be your first stop in automotive parts shopping. While we specialize in custom car covers, we also offer a variety of accessories to get you to your destination safely without detracting from your unique style. Enhance your driving experience with a set of car deflectors for added rain coverage when driving with windows down or opening doors on a rainy or windy day. We value our customers and treat them like family. Our car care tips will keep your vehicle looking shiny and new, so it looks as good as when you first bought it. Let us prove ourselves to you, you won’t regret it.