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H3R Chrome Fire Extinguishers

H3R Chrome Fire Extinguishers


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Brand: H3R

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H3R Chrome Fire Extinguishers

We are proud to offer high quality USA-made, UL listed MaxOut™ and Halguard™ chrome fire extinguishers from H3R Performance. HalGuard™ is a premium “clean agent” fire extinguisher that does not leave a messy residue making it the perfect product for protecting classic collector, high performance, tuner and race cars. MaxOut™ is a dry chemical extinguisher that has a proven track record in smothering the types of tires that occur in an automotive environment. These chrome fire extinguishers are available in either a 1lb or 2.5lb size, which is ideal for street rods, race cars, trucks or SUVs. These chrome fire extinguishers have a 5-foot to 8-foot discharge range and are fully rechargeable. The Max Out™ and Halguard™ are backed by a 6-year limited warranty. Both styles are Made in the USA.