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H3R Chrome Fire Extinguishers

H3R Chrome Fire Extinguishers


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H3R Chrome Fire Extinguishers

We are proud to offer high quality USA-made, UL listed MaxOut™ and Halguard™ chrome fire extinguishers from H3R Performance. HalGuard™ is a premium “clean agent” fire extinguisher that does not leave a messy residue making it the perfect product for protecting classic collector, high performance, tuner and race cars. MaxOut™ is a dry chemical extinguisher that has a proven track record in smothering the types of tires that occur in an automotive environment. These chrome fire extinguishers are available in either a 1lb or 2.5lb size, which is ideal for street rods, race cars, trucks or SUVs. These chrome fire extinguishers have a 5-foot to 8-foot discharge range and are fully rechargeable. The Max Out™ and Halguard™ are backed by a 6-year limited warranty. Both styles are Made in the USA.




How can I get my extinguisher recharged? In addition to undergoing a 6-year maintenance and a 12-year hydrostatic test conducted by a licensed fire service company, any gauged fire extinguisher must be recharged after any use, or if the pressure gauge indicator falls outside of the green range (see NFPA 10). H3R Performance does not recharge fire extinguishers. Check your local phone book for a fire service company in your area.


What are the inspection and maintenance requirements for my extinguisher? Install, inspect, maintain and test your fire extinguisher in accordance with the National Fire Protection Assoc. Standard No. 10 "Portable Fire Extinguishers."

INSPECTION should be performed monthly or more frequently if circumstances dictate. The extinguisher should be checked to see that it is not damaged, the discharge outlet is not blocked, that it is fully charged, the seal is not broken and that the operating instructions are clearly visible.

ANNUAL MAINTENANCE is a more complete inspection of the extinguisher and should be done professionally. It will reveal the need for hydro testing which must be done on Dry Chemical and Halotron I extinguishers every TWELVE YEARS. Most local authorities require special tags be attached to the extinguisher to verify this service.

SIX YEAR MAINTENANCE - Every six years, extinguishers requiring a 12 year hydro test shall be emptied and subject to thorough examination of: mechanical parts, extinguishing agent and expelling means. When applicable maintenance procedures are done during periodic recharging or hydro testing, the six-year requirement will begin from that date.

RECHARGE should be done professionally immediately after any use by your local fire service company who has the trained personnel, extinguishing agents and equipment to do it properly. This extinguisher must be recharged with the extinguishing agent specified on the nameplate. Substitutions could cause damage or injury.