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Car Capsule - The Original Car Storage Bubble

Car Capsule - The Original Car Storage Bubble

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Car Capsule - The Original Car Storage Bubble For Indoor Use

Purchasing a car is one of the bigger investments a person makes in life. In order to feel confident in your vehicle’s ability to stand the test of time, proper storage is a must. Many motorists find that using the best car capsule for vehicles is most practical solution when it comes to secure storage. Aimed at protecting automobiles from corrosion, rust, and other environmental dangers, a vehicles car bubble goes a long way to keep a car free from harm. Shop the selection at California Car Cover to locate the ideal bubble for the needs of your vehicle.

  • 0.30mm clear PVC top cover.
  • 0.45mm basemat is mildew, abrasion and flame resistant.
  • Heavy Duty Basemat Impervious to oil, gas, and antifreeze.
  • Rust free; 100% Nylon “self-healing” coil zippers.
  • No metal parts inside! No metal frame! No bare metal! 
  • Fan: 190 CFM @ 4200 RPM, dual ball bearing, for continuously filtered airflow.
  • 12 Volt, 1.5A power transformer.
  • Includes fan, power supply, and washable charcoal filter.
  • 1-year warranty.

Once your car is positioned on the basemat; attach the fan, zip it up, and plug it in. No assembly required. The washable charcoal filter and High CFM Fan will keep dust, dirt, and insects out, maintaining a pristine environment inside your Indoor CarCapsule for years to come.

To figure out the best size/length for your vehicle; please measure the overall length (bumper to bumper) and then add 2 feet (as it is nice to have one foot on each end between your vehicle and the capsule walls.

Click here to look up specific make and model dimensions and purchase the perfect Car Capsule for your car.


Impact Protection

Though custom car covers are often a sensible fit for trucks, certain vehicles need additional levels of protection. Certain covers are made of little more than a single material, meaning there’s not much durability offered. Should an impact occur, your vehicle may still be damaged, Car capsules take this fear to heart and are constructed to offer a bit more durability. In fact, many are said to withstand an impact of up to five pounds. What’s more, the bubbles feature circulating fans that help to control the moisture in the air and reduce the odds of damage caused this way.

Shield Against Seasonal Shifts

Seasonal shifts may also be a common concern for you when it comes to protecting your vehicle. As the temperature drops, vehicles become more susceptible to damage caused by cold, wet environments. Winter car storage is crucial, especially if you don’t plan on driving your ride consistently through the season. A capsule provides the shield your car needs to avoid corrosion and other concerns. When the snow starts to fall, having a place to properly store your vehicle offers serious peace of mind and keeps your ride in perfect shape for the next time you want to hit the road.

Whether you are concerned about seasonal shifts having a negative impact on your vehicle’s exterior or you simply need a place to keep your car safe, a capsule may be the perfect solution. Finding the best vehicles car capsule on sale starts with research. Browse through the vast selection California Car Cover has to offer and determine which model meets the unique demands of your vehicle. Soon, you are going to be able to hit the road with a sense of confidence in your vehicle’s overall safety.

Protect Your Investment Against the Elements!

The Car Capsule car storge bubble is as EASY as 1, 2, 3 to use! You won't believe it! And that's just an added bonus when you see how well your vehicle is locked away from evil elements like corrosion, rust, dust, dirt, dings and even finger prints. The indoor car storage capsule is a clear vinyl bubble that completely seals and protects your from the elements that we all fear. It will leave you with the assurance that your investment is well protected.

The indoor vinyl car "bubble" is a 10 mil. anti-static, double-polished, radio frequency welded, 100% PVC dream-come-true. It's so strong that you could accidentally drop a 5lb. Hammer on it, and it will bounce right off! The zipper is heavy-duty 100% nylon and will not scratch your vehicle. The base material is 18 oz. Herculite and is impervious to oil, gas and antifreeze. It is also abrasion-resistant mildew-resistant, and will not support a flame. There are so many remarkable things about the CarCapsule car storage capsule , that we can safely say that there is nothing like it on the market.

At the heart of the CarCapsule is a 12-volt, high-pressure fan. It provides continuous airflow to keep your vehicle or motorcycle dry. Temperature inside the car bubble remains constant and consistent with outside air. The evaporative storage system keeps your vehicle dry because the air changes inside the bubble 3 or 4 times every hour. This prevents any moisture from condensing on your vehicle.

Your car is more than just a means to an end. Yes, you drive it to get from point A to point B, but it's also a work of art, an investment and a prized possession. You would never knowingly leave it vulnerable to inclement weather or any other threat that may harm it. Are you proactively protecting your car with a cover or another form of protection, though? If not, you can do so by investing in an inflatable car cover—and gaining peace of mind in the process. A car bubble shields contents from the elements and can also ensure your auto stays dry and dust-free with an internal fan.

Storage That's Affordable

If you are looking for way to keep your car protected from corrosion, fire and rust, there are a range of options you might explore. Plenty of storage units offer these benefits for a monthly fee. Often, though, the price is exorbitant and demands a recurring investment that adds up quickly. A car storage bubble offers comparable protection that is far more affordable and convenient. Keeping your auto in a car capsule is the best option for affordable temporary or long-term storage. With options made from vinyl, plastic and PVC, our selection offers only the very best.

Professional Quality Protection 

A bubble car cover is certainly more affordable than other car storage options, but can it offer the same level of protection? This is a question that will obviously inform your decision—price is not the only criteria that matters when it comes to keeping your car safe. A car capsule can indeed provide an incredible level of protection. Many models can withstand impact of five pounds or more, and with circulating fans, your car is kept safe from moisture and mold. This level of protection is suitable for auto hobbyists and professionals alike. Don't compromise or overpay when it comes to keeping your car safe.



Q. If I put my car away wet, what will happen?
A. The CarCapsule™ is an evaporative system. The constant air change will evaporate all moisture in a matter of hours. This will prevent rust from the exterior parts while eliminating mold and mildew from the interior.
Q. Should I leave the windows up or down inside the CarCapsule?
A. You should leave the windows either down all the way or at least half the way down. If you have a convertible the top should be put up so that it will not trap moisture in the compartment it is stored in. This will let the air circulate throughout the interior keeping it dry and odor free.
Q. How much room does the CarCapsule take up?
A. Once inflated the CarCapsule™ takes up about 1 foot on either side of the vehicle. The front and back depend on what size CarCapsule™ is used.
Q. What happens if I get a hole in it?
A. The upper shroud is made of 10 mil PVC. If you do happen to puncture the unit, use a piece of clear 100% PVC shipping tape. This will bond to the upper shroud and will not come off.
Q. What if the power goes out?
A. The cover will deflate and turn into a regular car cover. When the power returns it will re-inflate in a matter of minutes. Make sure the fan is not laying flat otherwise it will not inflate.
Q. If you are bringing in the air from the outside you are also bringing in the humidity from the outside. How does the vehicle stay dry?
A. The CarCapsule™ does not eliminate humidity it eliminates condensation. The fan exchanges the air by volume 3-4 times an hour. This constant air change and air flow does not allow hot air and cold masses to meet. This in turn eliminates condensation and keeps the vehicle completely dry no matter what the temperature or humidity level.
Q. Can the CarCapsule be used for short-term storage?
A. The CarCapsule™ can be used for short-term, long-term or anything in between. It takes about the same time to use as a regular car cover except for the inflating of the unit. It takes a few minutes to get the car out.
Q. Do you have to drain the gas tank or any other fluids before you put the vehicle away?
A. No, the basemat is impervious to gas, diesel, oil or antifreeze. You do not have to worry about these odors because the air is constantly changing.
Q. Do you have to use any dry packs or chemicals to keep the vehicle dry?
A. No, dry packs or chemicals are not needed. This is an evaporative system that uses air flow to prevent condensation. This enables you to take your vehicle in and out anytime you want without having to mess with chemicals or dry packs.
Q. Will the CarCapsule protect my vehicle from rodents?
A. We have had hundreds of customers tell us they have not had a problem with any kind of rodents chewing through the material.
Q. How long will the CarCapsule last?
A. The prototypes were built in 1988 and are still in use today. The fans have a rated lifetime of 3-5 years depending on conditions.


1. The clear unit is for indoor use ONLY. The silver unit is for outdoor use.
2. Do not put any material under the floor section, it will only trap moisture! This can create mold and mildew.
3. Locate the air intake filter away from outside doors or sources of heat such as water heaters, furnaces, roll-up metal doors or washer/dryers.
4. Keep the air filter clean by hand washing in warm water. You may use mild dish soap if necessary.
5. Do not place any source of heat inside the cover (not even a light bulb).
6. If Capsule is first used in extremely cold climates, blow up in a warm area to help PVC become pliable.
7. When you set up your Capsule for the first time, it will have a lot of wrinkles. As it is kept inflated, the remainder of the wrinkles will work themselves out.
8. If your Capsule gets dusty you can use a car duster. To remove stains, use warm water and mild dish soap.


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1. SELECT YOUR PLACE OF SETUP BY CONSIDERING THE FOLLOWING: The start of zipper location should also be the location of the location of the electrical source. The air intake should be away from outside doors and heat sources The surface should be as flat as possible. The basemat should be located with all sides accessible to work the zippers. If the temperature is below 50 degrees, open the CarCapsule box and let the CarCapsule stay in room temperature for 24 hours. This will make the setup much easier.

2. Roll the vehicle onto the basemat leaving equal distance on all sides. Take care not to turn the steering wheel while on the basemat. If the exhaust system is at all hot, be very careful not to touch any part of the CarCapsule with it.

3. Insert the fan panel into position, smooth out the Velcro.

4. Push the male connector through the slit in the basemat. Connect the male end to the female end connector of the fan motor.

5. Starting at the fan end, carefully drape the clear center section over the vehicle's hood, roof and trunk. Zip both zippers closed securing the tops and sides. FOR SILVER OUTDOOR MODEL: You will find a 2" Plastic strip that you must insert inside fan shroud before inflation. This will keep shroud open.

6. Plug the 12V transformer into your wall outlet and your CarCapsule will start to inflate. After the bubble is completely inflated, insert the filter by pushing the brim inside the flap around the fan.

7. To increase airflow thru the cover to dry wet vehicles or to regulate the air pressure in extremely hot weather, simply readjust the rear zipper closure to allow more air to flow through the capsule. On the average the CarCapsule will change its air volume 3 to 4 times per hour.

8. FOR SILVER OUTDOOR MODEL: The outdoor model has tie-downs to prevent movement of your bubble in the wind. The loops for the tie-downs are located on each side of your bubble. Attach a string to an eyelet on the top of the bubble. Tie a secure knot. If you wish to attach bubble to the ground. Drive a stake into the ground at a forty-five degree angle away from your bubble. Attach the string to the stake. Repeat A and B on the other side of your bubble. Stakes are hot included and can be purchased from your local hardware store.


The CarCapsule is guaranteed for one year against all defects in workmanship and materials. Repair or replacement will be made upon receipt of product by CarCapsule freight prepaid. Please contact the place of purchase prior to shipping for warranty work.

Usually ships in 24 hours with a variety of sizes to choose from and in stock.