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California Pop Top Truck Cover

California Pop Top Truck Cover

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Brand: California PopTop

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Block 99.8% of the sun's harmful UV rays, keep it cool inside, and extend the look and life of your truck's interior with the strong and rugged California PopTop truck covers. Completely redesigned and made with DuPont's Tyvek material bonded to a second layer, these sun-blocking covers are aircraft cover-quality and fitted with an updated fastening system that is compatible with any size outside mirrors and won't blow off. Get immediate, maximum sun protection when parked at work, home, or anywhere under the sun with these weather resistant, breathable covers that install in less than a minute. Available in five sizes to fit crew or extended cab trucks.

  • Covers all windows
  • Install or remove in less than a minute
  • Virtually eliminates solar heat build-up
  • Anti-theft feature
  • Ergonomically designed for ease of use
  • Super strong, lightweight material by DuPont
  • Blocks 99.8% of the sun's UV rays
  • Water resistant yet breathable
  • Built-in storage bag for clean and easy storage
  • Extremely small (football size) storage package
  • Weighs about a pound, less bulk than a car cover
  • No conflict with fender-mounted antennas
  • Protects contents from prying eyes
  • Prevents heat damage to speakers, CDs & DVDs
  • Doesn't hide the vehicle's beauty and style
  • Near-custom fit

As a truck owner, you may be familiar with the following dilemma: you want to protect your truck from the damage of UV rays and inclement weather, but you do not want to conceal its beauty. Hiding your truck under a tarp seems criminal, but what other options do you have? Many, in fact—investing in a quality truck cab top can shield your vehicle from harm and let you still display it proudly. We offer a range of truck cab covers that are weather-resistant, durable, lightweight and conveniently portable.

Keep Your Truck Protected Year-round

A cab cover shields one of the most vulnerable parts of your truck from a range of threats. Block out the glare of harmful UV rays in the summer and reduce overheating by keeping the interior of your cab cool. In the winter, create a barrier between your truck and harsh weather to prevent damage to your windshield and paint job. In addition to the protective benefits of a cab cover, many of ours come equipped with anti-theft features to ensure your truck is well-secured. Protection is in style year-round, and you won't find better than that offered by a quality pickup cab cover.

Invest in a Cover That's Convenient

Many truck owners dismiss the idea of a pop cover based on the misconception that they are difficult to install, heavy to carry around and inconvenient to use. On the contrary, the best pop covers are small—some are about the size of a football. Many weigh only a pound, and installation and removal typically take less than a single minute. Tents and covers for your truck are not just a great investment. They are a convenient addition, too, so that you can stop worrying about damage to your truck's cab. Drive confidently with a cover in your glovebox, knowing that you have protection when you need it.


DuPont's Tyvek® material is a non-woven fabric. It has no fibers to trap dirt, so you can hose it off or hand rinse. If using a washing machine, use a gentle cycle with a 1/4 cup detergent. Secure cords with a rubber band so they don't get tangled in the washer. Do not use bleach or a DRYER as it may damage the cover! Air dry only. Hang the cover up to let dry.