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Bridjit Driveway Curb Ramps For Low Vehicles

Bridjit Driveway Curb Ramps For Low Vehicles

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Bridjit Driveway Curb Ramps For Low Vehicles

Driveways without sloped aprons can scrape away at the undercarriage of your low profile vehicle, but that can be prevented with these Bridjit driveway curb ramps that are designed for rolled curb or gutter-style driveways. The 15-minute install requires no drilling into the curb or street. When bolted together, the driveway ramps weigh between 120-170 lbs., so they stay solidly in place and are durable enough for use with trucks and trailers on regular curbs. A channel on the underside permits water to pass through while angled ends divert higher flowing water around the ramp. After extensive research the initial design was modified and the overall height reduced just slightly to allow the ramps to fit more effectively with a greater selection of rolled curbs . The well-tested new design enhances the effectiveness of the original design and will not alter the warranty. Kind to the environment, these ramps are made in American from recycled tires. Measures 12’ long and 16” wide with a 5” rise, and includes all the hardware for easy installation. Standard set includes three ramps, with extra ramp sections available for wider driveways.

Rolled curbs often translate into a bumpy ride for you and your passengers, but a driveway curb ramp from Bridjit is a smart solution to your problem. With its ability to cut down impacts onyour vehicle and occupants by 80%, this innovative tool is a must-have for homes with rolled curb driveway entries. Each product is crafted in the United States using crumb rubber sourced from recycled tires, making it a durable and eco-friendly upgrade that lasts for many years.

The Benefits of Bridjit Curb Ramps

Smoother entry isn’t the only reason to add a Bridgeitcurb to your home. Rolled curbs are notorious for wreaking havoc on your vehicle, especially by scratching at its undercarriage and contributing to alignment issues. Bridjit ramps circumvent this problem by adding a steady sloping 5-inch rise over the rolled curb, giving your vehicle a smooth and gradual transition from the street to your driveway. This ramp upgrade can help reduce tire wear and cut back on your vehicle maintenance costs, as well as minimize passenger discomfort. Moreover, these ramps and add-on sections are designed with full-length waterways in their centers and angled ends to allow proper water drainage through and passage around them. Since each piece seamlessly fits in your rolled curb and it’s crafted from sturdy materials, your ramps never need to be removed during scheduled street sweeps.

BRIDJIT Curb Ramps Prevent Vehicle Wear and Tear

Installing a BRIDJIT Curb Ramp on your driveway doesn't just making entering and exiting your driveway more comfortable – it will also benefit your vehicle:

Whether you have a low ground clearance sports car, a conversion van, or even a truck that pulls a trailer, a BRIDJIT Curb Ramp system is a value added investment.

  1. The repeated impact of driving over a curb can lead to wheel misalignment and premature steering component damage. By reducing the severity of this impact, your vehicle's shocks and struts will last longer, and your vehicle's wheels will stay aligned longer and maintain longer tire life.
  2. Many vehicles – especially vehicles with lower ground clearance – will “scrape” against the concrete and asphalt when driving over rolled curbs. These scrapes can damage the vehicle body and on some vehicles can crack bumpers.
  3. BRIDJIT can save you fuel too. If your vehicle's wheels are out of alignment, you'll see faster than usual tire wear, and a possible decrease in fuel economy. While these changes are small, they add up.

Easy Installation

Bridjit ramps rely on a modular system, allowing the creation of an individualized setup that fit the width and shape of your driveway’s entrance. Standard-sized driveway ramps measure 12 feet long and are 16 inches wide. Four-foot add-on sections are available, so you can select additional pieces to span your driveway’s width. Installation takes 15 minutes or less, with no special tools or drilling required. To link multiple sections, all you have to do is connect them with the provided galvanized bolts.

Easy to Install, Easy To Own

Installing your BRIDJIT Curb Ramps is easy. While you may need a helper (each section of the ramp weighs about 50lbs), assembly is straightforward and takes less than 30 minutes.*

  • Each ramp section is boxed separately and shipped to your door.
  • The ramp sections are bolted to one another – NOT to the curb itself, making them fully removable.
  • The ramp has an open channel on the underside, allowing water to flow underneath.
  • The ramp set can be assembled on a curve, which means it works great for houses on cul-de-sacs.
  • An installed, 3 section system weighs over 150lbs and can be flipped over for semiannual cleaning.

BRIDJIT Is Made In The USA, From Recycled Tires

We are proud to say that BRIDJIT Curb Ramps are made in the USA, and we're also proud of the fact that we make them from recycled tires.

  • By making BRIDJIT ramps in the USA, we support reducing the carbon footprint and the reduction of the 270 million tires ending up in US landfills every year.
  • Manufacturing in the US with stringent control of the process ensures our production is environmentally friendly
  • By working with US manufacturers, our product supports American jobs

According to John Curry, the founder of our company and the creator of BRIDJIT Curb Ramps, he wouldn't make this product anywhere else.

Product Details

  • BRIDJIT Curb Ramps are made from recycled tires, making them weather resistant and more than tough enough for daily use.
  • Each ramp set includes a left, center, and right section for installation on both curved and straight driveway entries. The left and right sections are tapered to allow for ease of parallel parking and to decrease the possibility of tripping.
  • BRIDJIT Curb Ramp sets are expandable, with additional 47” center sections available to expand the width of your ramp set (sold separately).
  • BRIDJIT Curb Ramps can be assembled with just a hammer and a screwdriver. Once assembled the ramps can be flipped into place. Due to the weight of the ramp sections, it's a good idea to have a helper assist you with installation.
  • BRIDJIT Curb Ramps have a water channel on the underside of each section that allows water to flow under the ramp, ensuring compliance with local ordinances.
  • BRIDJIT curb ramps are made in the USA. The company, founded in 2008, is headquartered in St. George UT, with manufacturing in Indiana and California.
  • 5 year warranty

Product Specs

  • Each ramp section is 47” long, 16” wide, and roughly 2.5” tall. A completely assembled set will be 141” in length (just shy of 12 feet).
  • Each individual section weighs approximately 50 pounds, for a total weight of 153 pounds when assembled into a standard ramp.
  • Additional 47” wide center sections can be purchased to expand the total length of the driveway if needed.
  • Galvanized bolts measure 0.5” x 7.5” and are pre-inserted into the center section to connect the three sections. Additional center sections are assembled in the same fashion.
  • The 2.5” height at the center tapers to 0.75” at the end of each ramp. This ensures a smooth transition between road and driveway.
  • A 2.5” wide channel on the underside of each section accommodates storm runoff.
  • Shipping weight is 153 lbs.


What are the actual dimensions of each ramp section?

Each section nominally measures 47 in. long x 16 in. wide x 2 3/8 in. thick at the center, tapering to 3/4 in. thick at the top and bottom.

How do I determine the number of 4ft. BRIDJIT sections required for my driveway?

The number of 4 ft. sections required depends primarily on the width and depth of your driveway. A 2-car garage with a driveway less than 2 cars deep will require more sections because you don't have room to maneuver your cars to both sides of the driveway or garage. These additional sections can be added later, but we recommend a minimum of 4 sections if you have a 2-car garage with less than a 2-car deep driveway or a 3-car garage.

What joining method is used to keep the BRIDJIT sections together?

BRIDJIT comes supplied with 1/2in. x 7 1/2in. galvanized bolts pre-inserted into the center sections. These bolts need to be driven into the adjoining section as shown in our instruction manual. Friction between the rubber and bolts helps keep the sections tight together, and the supplied nuts assist in securing the connection.

What keeps BRIDJIT in place during use?

BRIDJIT's weight provides the stability required to keep the device in place, with little or no adjustment required during use. Mechanical fixing to the curb should not be required and isn't recommended.

How does BRIDJIT allow for flow of water?

BRIDJIT has a full length 2 1/2in. waterway built into the underneath of the product, as well as angled ends which promotes excessive water to flow out and around the device, cleaning out debris.

How does BRIDJIT compensate for curved curbing as used in cul-de-sacs?

BRIDJIT was manufactured in 4ft sections to allow for curvature of the curbing. The longer connection bolts allow the device to make the turn, leaving what we believe is an acceptable wedge of space between sections as they fit in place.

What maintenance is required for the BRIDJIT product?

Depending greatly on the amount of construction or maintenance work done around the home or neighborhood, it's suggested that BRIDJIT be periodically flipped up out into the street so that the gutter area can be swept up and debris properly discarded.

What effect does exposure to the elements have on BRIDJIT?

BRIDJIT is made from ground up rubber tires and will lose its luster in time, turning the same color as the asphalt street. However, it will remain durable for many years.

What happens if someone is driving or parallel parking in the gutter?

We have sloped each end of BRIDJIT to allow easier access up and over the ends. This feature, along with the durability of the rubber material, should eliminate any concern.

Is street sweeper operation impacted?

Due to the weight and durability of BRIDJIT, there should be no adverse impact by street sweeping machinery.

How does BRIDJIT work if I have a storm sewer inlet/grate located within my driveway?

Depending on the exact right to left location of the grate and depth of your driveway, BRIDJIT can likely still be utilized. However, if your driveway area has a storm drain, you will need to monitor and clean out the gutter area under and next to your BRIDJIT ramps more frequently.


Easy to Install, Easy To Own

Installing your BRIDJIT Curb Ramps is easy. While you may need a helper (each section of the ramp weighs about 50lbs), assembly is straightforward and takes less than 30 minutes.*

  • Each ramp section is boxed separately and shipped to your door.
  • The ramp sections are bolted to one another – NOT to the curb itself, making them fully removable.
  • The ramp has an open channel on the underside, allowing water to flow underneath.
  • The ramp set can be assembled on a curve, which means it works great for houses on cul-de-sacs.
  • An installed, 3 section system weighs over 150lbs and can be flipped over for semiannual cleaning.


  1. BRIDJIT Curb Ramp is guaranteed to be free of manufacturing defects in material and workmanship for 5 years, (Warranty Period), from the original date of purchase, by the original purchaser. This warranty is not transferable. If there are defects in material and workmanship during the Warranty Period, BRIDJIT Inc. will, at their discretion, replace or repair the product, as described herein, at no cost to the owner/end-user. (Proof of purchase is required.)
  2. If our ramp product was purchased for the intended purpose of overcoming the impact of roll-over or rounded curbs and you have determined that our product does not meet your needs, we will allow a return of our product with full refund if done in 30 days from purchase, less all shipping costs. Please call for 1 877 522 6611 or write to for return approval before shipment.
  3. BRIDJIT Inc. shall not be liable for any damage, loss or claim whatsoever unless the material is installed according to the written detailed installation instructions provided by BRIDJIT Inc. and used only as intended by BRIDJIT Inc.
    1. The warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of products which are shown to be defective during the Warranty Period. The owner/end-user agrees not to advance any claim for any other measure of damage or loss. BRIDJIT Inc. shall not be liable for installation, disassembly, removal, disposal, return shipping, or other similar costs. This warranty does not cover dissatisfaction or problems or other damages to the product due to or as the result of:
    2. improper use.
  • fading due to sunlight. (Outdoor exposure, abrasions, and ultra-violet rays may cause change in surface color and is not considered a defect under this warrantee.)
  • shading (color variations) of individual pieces due to natural rubber variations.
  • chewing, clawing or other animal related abuses.
  • exposure to chlorine, fertilizers, solvents, gasoline or other harmful chemicals.
  • acts of negligence or misuse.