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Boar's Hair Soft Car Wheel and Fender Wash Brushes 919BKDK

Boar's Hair Soft Car Wheel and Fender Wash Brushes 919BKDK



Brand: Golden Shine Car Care Products

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These Wheel & Fender brushes are made with the finest quality materials. Unlike the more common brushes with rows of small diameter alternating tuft holes, a 1-pc tuft design includes up to 50% more natural boar hair than traditional car care brushes. Why is this important?  Natural boar hair is an excellent brush material for wet applications. Unlike most synthetic brush fibers, boar hair is naturally absorbent. A boar hair brush will deliver more detergent and remove more dirt than a plastic fiber brush. Boar hair brushes are soft yet durable. Boar hair wicks dirt, lifting dirt and dust from a car’s painted surfaces and polished wheels without scratching. Plastic fiber brushes work by loosening dirt and pushing the dirt along creating minute swirls and scratches. The 9” brush is ideal for detail cleaning and longer 20” brush for wheel wells and larger rims.

Set of 2 brushes