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Bantam Midget Tether Racers Model Car

Bantam Midget Tether Racers Model Car

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Brand: ACME Diecast

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The 1930s saw the rise of hand-built model race cars, called tether cars or spindizzies, these aerodynamic race cars thrilled fans as they raced on wooden tracks at speeds over 150 mph! Resembling the full-size racers of their day, several spindizzies competed at once, tethered by cables to a central pole. Hand-tooled, traditionally die stamped body parts in aluminum, brass and polished Mahogany wood frame. Lift the hood to admire the miniature engine, turn the cockpit wheel and angle the front wheels, and feel the luxurious leather driver’s seat. This impressive showpiece was created with careful attention to each and every detail! Measures 8.75” x 19” x 7”.