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Garage Scenes Automotive Garage Wall Murals

Garage Scenes Automotive Garage Wall Murals

Item: CS1001

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Brand: Garage Scenes

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Life size photographic quality reproductions that will “Supercharge” any room. Featuring Cruisin, Racing, Drag Racing, Indy®, Route 66, and Gas Station scenes, these murals offer something for every automotive enthusiast. The 8-color ink jet printing process provides vibrant high-quality images, printed on heavy-duty vinyl that repels water, and resists fading so the murals can be hung outdoors. Installs easily from the ceiling or wall, with all mounting hardware included.

Garage Scenes Mural Installation Instructions Suspend from Ceiling or Wall
For ease of upgrade, relocation, or moving
(hangs just like a curtain or banner)

Required for installation:

1. Installation kit (included)

2. 10 ft long tape measure

3. Hand Drill

4. 1/8 and 1/2 inch drill bits

5. Step Ladder

6. Pencil

7. Level

Step-by-Step Rod Pocket Installation:

1. Pre-measure wall to ensure mural will fit in desired location.

2. Mark center of the wall or ceiling where mural will be mounted.

3. Mark the right mounting point by measuring right of the center mark to ½ the mural width less 1 inch.*

4. Mark the left mounting point by measuring left of the center mark to ½ the mural width less 1 inch.*
*Note 1: For wall mounting, be sure that the left and right mounting points are level and at least two inches below the ceiling.

5. If the mounting point is into a stud or other solid surface, drill a 1/8 inch pilot hole and screw in one of the supplied #6 screw hooks. Repeat for the other side or proceed to the next step for mounting into drywall or other hollow surfaces. **

6. For mounting into drywall (without a solid backing), drill a ½ inch hole and install one of the supplied butterfly screws. Repeat for the other side if required. **

7. Insert the supplied metal top rod into the top rod pocket of the mural

8. Locate the pre-drilled holes in the metal rod and position them onto the two hooks installed in steps 5 and 6 above.

9. Insert the supplied pvc pipe into the bottom rod pocket

**Note 2: For mural widths greater than 10 feet, a third hook may need to be installed in the center to prevent sagging. Both screw hooks and butterfly hooks are provided for this purpose.

***Note 3: If your mounting the mural in front of a wall, a more finished look can be achieved can attaching the side edges of the mural to the wall with the supplied hook and loop fasteners.