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Air Man Airgun Automatic Cordless Tire Inflator

Air Man Airgun Automatic Cordless Tire Inflator



Brand: Air Man

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Inflate tires on the go with this brilliant must-have. An ergonomic high-pressure air compressor allows for rapid inflation of vehicle tires, bicycle tires, or sporting equipment via a rechargeable Li-Ion battery pack with maximum 120psi. An average city bike tire inflates in just one minute! Compact and lightweight, this tool stores neatly in your glovebox or sports bag and comes with an AC charger for the Li-Ion battery and a 6-foot 12V cable adaptor for continuous power. Outfitted with an LED light and digital tire gauge with preset auto-stop function in PSI, KPI and BAR. The 5" pressure hose has thread connector for tires and adaptors, and the unit comes with adaptors for balls and inflatable toys plus a travel carrying bag. It is recommended that the Airgun be plugged into the 12V cigarette lighter when used on a vehicle to have the most power available. The battery can be used on the AirGun to air up vehicle tires—but if the power source is constant the AirGun is more powerful. Special car must be taken to ensure that the AirGun does not exceed 15 minutes of continuous use or reach a PSI over 120 PSI. Be sure you are using your AirMan® AirGun in a safe place.