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Attic Dek Floor Panels

Attic Dek Floor Panels

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Brand: Metro Plastics

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Turn unused attic space into a neat and convenient storage area. Made of durable, high-impact plastic, the panels are molded in an open pattern for lightweight strength that supports up to 250 pounds. Unlike plywood, these tiles will not cause ceiling "sag", and the honeycomb design makes it easy to access wiring and piping. Each tile is 1" thick and available in two sizes: Pack of 16" x 16" tiles (for 16" center joists) covers approximately 10 sq. feet, pack of three 24" x 16" tiles (for 24" center joists) covers approximately 8 sq. feet. Installs easily with no measuring or cutting and includes installation hardware of #8 x 2" flathead screws.