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ACME Diecast Aquarama Speedboat Replica

ACME Diecast Aquarama Speedboat Replica

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Brand: ACME Diecast

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This is a fully assembled model of the legendary Riva Aqurama speedboat that was designed by Carlo Riva in the 1960’s. Using historical photographs, drawings and original plans, master craftsmen spend hundreds of hours hand-crafting these highly detailed wooden models. Each is built to scale with high-grade red cedar, rosewood, and mahogany using the plank on frame construction method that’s similar to the building of actual ships. Highlights include realistic gauges, windshield frame, navigation lights, flag pole, hand-stitched leather seats, and stainless steel hand rails on the swimming platform. Wooden display stand included. Measures 27”W x 8”D x 7”H.