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Anti-Rust Motorcycle Storage Bag

Anti-Rust Motorcycle Storage Bag

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Our motorcycle storage bag features Zerust technology, for an airtight way to protect your bike from the elements. The Zerust formulation is an anti-rust chemical built into the material, that protects from moisture and impurities with corrosion inhibiting elements. Simply roll your bike onto the bottom panel, pull over the top panel, and zip it up like a sleeping bag. Motorcycle storage bags are also available with a super-soft inner lining for those delicate paint jobs. It is suggested that you use this in conjunction with one of our Plushweave motorcycle covers. Not recommended for outdoor use. Includes a 5-Year Limited Warranty

Large: Full-size, but not full-dresser (135" x70")

X-Large: Full size/full-dresser touring bikes with large windshield/saddle bags. (145" x 70")

As the seasons change and the weather grows colder, you need to think about how to properly store your motorcycle during winter. Even when you can't ride regularly, your bike deserves care and maintenance — the last thing you want is to find it rusty when spring comes. Ward off the elements with a quality motorcycle cover or airtight storage bag. Our inventory features a range of materials, designs and sizes to fit and protect any bike.

Why Store My Bike?

With icy roads and bitter cold, winter doesn't make for ideal riding conditions, especially when dirt, road salt and ice can mar your bike's surface finish. However, your motorcycle is still exposed to the elements when not in use, rusting the chrome and possibly damaging moving parts. Indoor storage doesn't necessarily protect it, either — moisture can work its way into your garage, mainly by rising up through the concrete slab, and expose your motorcycle to corrosion. Taking the time to prepare now means less worrying about the condition of your motorcycle at the end of winter.

Invest in the Best

Not all motorcycle covers are the same. One that is ill-fitted or poor quality will not provide the robust protection you are looking for. Where can dedicated bikers find the best motorcycle bags on the market? We offer covers for both indoor and outdoor use that keep bikes safely shielded from weather, dust and other potential threats. Most of our motorcycle cover inventory is ready to ship on the day or the day after your order is placed. If you are unsure of what kind of storage bag you need, or if your bike requires a custom order, reach out to our customer service for more information on available options.

Gear Up For Winter

As the days grow shorter and colder, the time gets closer to put your toys away for the winter and say goodbye until next spring. While you’ve lovingly cared for your motorcycle since the day you bought it, is it being stored correctly in the colder months? If you’re not sure how to properly store your motorcycle in winter, checking out protection for it such as an airtight motorcycle cover can help its longevity and be in the best condition possible when you meet again.

Protection Against the Elements

How do anti-rust motorcycle storage bags work? A motorcycle cover keeps dust and debris off your bike, but it runs the risk of trapping moisture under it, leaving your bike vulnerable. To avoid this, choose a specially designed storage bag with an airtight seal water-resistant, but not waterproof, fabric. Keep this difference in mind: you want fabric that keeps moisture outside but also allows moisture inside to pass through. Vacuum-sealing the bag removes any existing moisture and dirt as well. Many motorcycle covers and storage bags also use fabrics treated with anti-corrosion chemicals as extra insurance if any water or moisture does get in.

Why Store My Bike?

Just as you prepare your home for the colder months by fixing any cracks and preventing damage from icy weather, so should your motorcycle be treated with the same courtesy.

Motorcycle winter storage bags can help your bike be ready for a long, cold winter so that when springtime rolls around again, all you need to worry about is peeling off the cover and taking her for a joyride in celebration.

How To Prepare

Winter car protection goes a long way in preserving your motorcycle. There are further preparations to take to ensure its safety, as well, both inside and out. Give your bike a thorough cleaning and wipe down bare metal with oil before applying the cover; remove the battery and store it somewhere warm to extend its life; top off the fuel tank and add stabilizer; plug the exhaust pipes to keep rodents out; and, ideally, make use of a climate-controlled garage.