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Anti-Rust Motorcycle Storage Bag

Anti-Rust Motorcycle Storage Bag

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$109.99 - $159.99

Brand: California Car Cover Co.

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Our motorcycle storage bag features Zerust technology, for an airtight way to protect your bike from the elements. The Zerust formulation is an anti-rust chemical built into the material, that protects from moisture and impurities with corrosion inhibiting elements. Simply roll your bike onto the bottom panel, pull over the top panel, and zip it up like a sleeping bag. Motorcycle storage bags are also available with a super-soft inner lining for those delicate paint jobs. It is suggested that you use this in conjunction with one of our Plushweave motorcycle covers. Not recommended for outdoor use. Includes a 5-Year Limited Warranty

Large: Full-size, but not full-dresser (135" x70")

X-Large: Full size/full-dresser touring bikes with large windshield/saddle bags. (145" x 70")

Your motorcycle is your pride and joy. Nothing beats riding on an open road and enjoying the scenery as your engine revs. Biking is better suited to summer and spring, though, so when the weather cools down, you will need to shield your bike from rust and the elements. An airtight motorcycle bag or motorcycle storage cover is the best way to protect your investment. The only feeling better than riding your motorcycle is the peace of mind you have when you know it is safe and sound under the guard of a specially-constructed cover. Our inventory includes covers in a range of sizes, materials and designs to fit various motorcycle makes and models.

Why Store Your Bike Seasonally?

Plenty of motorcyclists keep their bikes in a garage when temperatures drop and believe this is sufficient to keep it safe from damage. Your bike is a major investment, and you never want to leave it vulnerable to the elements when seasons change. Rather than simply keeping your bike inside, take advantage of the safety provided by motorcycle winter storage bags. Why is it so important to invest in motorcycle winter storage? The salt contained in snow, sleet and rain can wreak havoc on your bike in the form of rust. Even when in a garage, the moisture can condense on your bike if it is not kept covered.

Invest in the Best

Not all motorcycle covers are the same. One that is ill-fitted or poor quality will not provide the robust protection you are looking for. Where can dedicated bikers find the best motorcycle bags on the market? We offer covers for both indoor and outdoor use that keep bikes safely shielded from weather, dust and other potential threats. Most of our motorcycle cover inventory is ready to ship on the day or the day after your order is placed. If you are unsure of what kind of storage bag you need, or if your bike requires a custom order, reach out to our customer service for more information on available options.