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Anti-Rust Zip Up Car Storage Bag

Anti-Rust Zip Up Car Storage Bag

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Anti-Rust Zip Up Car Storage Bag

Whether you own a classic automobile or a modern road machine, you make every effort to take the best possible care of your vehicle. You meticulously clean the exterior, detail the interior and take other steps to protect its pristine appearance from scratches, nicks, dents, paint chips and damage from substances like tar and road salt. But what about inside your garage? What are you doing to protect your vehicle during day-to-day garaging or extended storage periods? You already know about the world-class quality and protection from California Car Cover’s custom fit car covers, but maybe it’s time you added an anti-rust zip-up car storage bag to your arsenal.

Our exclusive car storage bag features Zerust® technology for state-of-the-art moisture and corrosion protection. The Zerust® formulation is an anti-rust chemical built into the material, that protects from moisture and impurities with corrosion inhibiting elements. Each Car Storage Bag is simple to use, just drive down the center of the bottom panel, and pull the top portion over and zip-up the entire car bag for an airtight closure. Available also with a super-soft inner lining for ultimate paint pampering protection. We recommend you use this in conjunction with a car cover.

True auto enthusiasts understand what it means to properly care for and maintain their vehicle, and it's not always an easy job. For this reason, many find top-of-the-line products to safely cover and protect their automobiles from the elements, ensuring longevity in their rides for years to come. Thankfully, California Car Cover has just the coverage to suit your vehicle's needs with our reliable and affordable car storage bag online. Whether you have a classic ride built with materials more susceptible to rust or corrode, or you're simply someone who appreciates a clean vehicle more often than not, our handy anti-rust zip up bag guarantees you the vital protection your auto deserves.

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Anti Rust Zip Car Bag

You may think your vehicle is protected when it’s sitting peacefully in your garage. However, those four walls and the roof only shield your beloved chariot from exposure to weather, UV rays and other damage from the great outdoors.

Moisture is your auto’s worst enemy. When it touches iron for extended periods of time, oxidation takes place and converts the iron into Fe²O³: good old ferric oxide, otherwise known as rust. As you know, rust weakens metal’s structure and further damage can result. “But there’s no moisture in my garage!” You may protest, but humid air can enter from the outdoors and wreak havoc while your baby is sitting under lock and key. Our anti-rust zip car bag forms an air-tight barrier around your vehicle, keeping moisture out and your finish rust-free.

No Rust Car Storage Bag

Dust and other hazards can mar your auto’s paint job and body, costing you hundreds or thousands of dollars to repair. The major problem with dust is the finer particles it contains: Those particles can act like sandpaper, slowly dulling the clear coat surface over time. If not rectified, that dust can even become embedded into the paint itself. Besides keeping out moisture, our anti-rust car bag also prevents dust from getting to your vehicle’s finish. You can choose from unlined or lined versions, which handle your car’s surface with care and prevent even more damage.

Zip Up Automotive Cover That Doesnt Rust

Our anti-rust zip car bags shield your pride and joy from damaging elements during indoor storage. Whether you regularly drive your auto or only take it out for shows and special occasions, California Car Cover’s car brasprovide an additional line of defense from rocks, insects and other road debris. Shop our online store for your car bra, anti-rust zip bag, custom car covers and other gear 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Guard Against the Elements

It can be challenging to effectively protect your vehicle against all outside influences, especially when you live in a region that's more hazardous to the health of your car's exterior. Anything from excessive dust, consistent humidity, salty air and more can leave your auto vulnerable, so finding even adequate coverage against these conditions can prove difficult. Fortunately, our store offers a wide variety of solutions that meet your needs in this department, especially when you catch our handy car storage bag on sale. This specific bag provides excellent corrosion and moisture protection due to its high-grade technology, which infuses a protective anti-rust chemical directly into the material itself for optimal coverage. All you have to do is lay the cover flat on the ground, drive across the center line of the bag and enfold your vehicle within the storage bag, zipping it closed for highly preventative security against common contaminants. Overall, your automobile can remain safely guarded for years when you use our efficient storage bag, regardless of your location and the environmental factors that come with it.

Prevent Basic Mistreatment

While it's vital to prepare your beloved auto from the havoc caused by fickle weather, it's just as important to guard your ride against common human neglect and misuse, as well. The covers available at California Car Cover don't just garner the best reviews on car storage bags for a single reason, but for many, which also include your vehicle potentially being dinged, scratched, or simply neglected for long periods to rust. Our anti-rust zip up bag goes above and beyond, guarding against any possible damage with its high-quality exterior shell and a soft interior lining to protect your car's paint as an added bonus. When you want nothing but the best for your money, let any of our competitively-priced storage bags do all the work for you. 

Don't Underestimate the Risk of Rust

Many car owners think first of dents and scratches when it comes to protecting their car, but you should not underestimate the destructive potential of rust. There are a few factors that can increase the likelihood of rusting; if you live in an region where rain is common, this can increase humidity and leave your car increasingly vulnerable. Similarly, coastal areas where there is salty ocean water can oxidize the metal in your car and wreak havoc. Sadly, perhaps the most common cause of rust is simply neglect. Cars that are not kept in a car bag are far more likely to rust than those that are protected.

Protect Your Car's Surface

How does a car cover bag protect your auto from the dangers of rust? Not every auto storage bag is the same, but any barrier between the surface of your car and the surrounding environment is a good way to prevent contaminants from causing damage such as rust. An auto storage bag that comes with anti-rust features will even more effectively protect your car. A zip-up car cover that encloses your auto completely is your best bet for shielding it from corrosion and maintaining its condition.

Protect your car from rust and corrosion caused by the weather with a bag for car storage with rust prevention from Cal Car Cover. Zerust® technology helps protect your car from moisture and corrosion by using an anti-rust chemical in the material of the car cover to keep moisture from getting past. Ones of the best parts about Cal Car Cover storage bags is the fact that they're so easy to use. All you have to do is place the bag on the ground, drive over the center of the bottom panel of the bag, then pull the rest of the bag over your car and zip it up so no moisture gets in.

Pristine Protection

If you're serious about keeping your car in pristine condition for as long as possible, investing in a storage bag is a smart way to do that. Even in your garage, the air is filled with dust and moisture that can damage your car over time. Older cars with lots of chrome are particularly susceptible to rust, so protecting classic cars is even more important.

An Everywhere Problem

Leaving cars exposed to the elements may be common practice, but that doesn't mean it's good for them. No matter where you live, there's moisture in the air that could put your car at risk for rust and corrosion. Coastal areas with salt-filled air and areas that rain a lot may be the biggest problem areas, but those aren't the only areas at risk. If you don't protect your car with the best car storage bag, the fact of the matter is you're putting it at higher risk for rust and oxidation that can cause problems over time.

Total Protection

If you're going to zip your car up in a storage bag to protect it, the last thing you want is that storage bag damaging your car. This anti rust car storage bag on sale at Cal Car Cover isn't just designed to keep moisture out, it also features a soft lining so you don't have to worry about paint damage. When you want to protect your paint from the elements, a good Cal Car Cover storage bag is the way to go.



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