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Anti-Rust Bicycle Storage Bag by Zerust

Anti-Rust Bicycle Storage Bag by Zerust

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Brand: Zerust

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Just like the larger size made to keep your vehicle in top-notch condition, our bicycle storage bags feature Zerust® technology for the most current and effective protection from moisture, corrosion, mold, and rust. Prior to indoor storage, clean and dry your bicycle according to the manufacturer's recommendations, then pull this cover over your bicycle with the Zerust® logo facing inward and zip up the entire bag to create an airtight enclosure. Whether your two-wheeled transportation is a commuter bike or high-end racing cycle, it's easily susceptible to rust that can corrode or mold, but not with these covers! Zerust® is an active anti-rust property built into the material of the bag, so it inhibits moisture and corrosion without any additional effort for five years after the date of purchase. Recommended for indoor use only. Measures 84" x 59" to fit all single rider upright bicycles.