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AMI Pedestal 3rd Brake Lights

AMI Pedestal 3rd Brake Lights

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AMI Pedestal Third Brake Lights will not only add value to your vehicle, but safety and a cool look as well. These custom third brake lights are great for street rods or older vehicles without factory third brake lights. Pedestal is 1.5" tall and available in a Polished or Brushed Finish.

A custom 3rd brake light is a great way to been seen out on the road, not only for the purposes of showing off your ride but for safety reasons as well. A customized third brake light can be installed on older models of vehicle that do not usually come with a third light. Adding a 3rd brake light to your car will not only make your vehicle safer but add to its value as well.

Make a Statement 

AMI pedestrial 3rd brake lights are manufactured in the United States and come in three different designs, one of which is sure to match your personal style: an oval, a flame motif, and a Chevrolet insignia. These brake lights for sale also come in two different custom finishes: brushed or polished. The pedestal is 1.5 inches high.

Save a Life 

Over 30 years ago, federal law required that all new automobiles had to be equipped with high-mounted third brake lights in the hopes of preventing rear-end collisions. The extra light improved visibility, particularly at night, and rear-end collisions from the time that the new regulation went into effect dropped by 5 percent over the next five years

The law stated that new cars had to fitted with the high-mounted brake lights, but older cars were not required to be retrofitted with them. However, that doesn't mean that you can't add one to your car now. By adding custom brake lights in the high-mounted position, you express your personal style, add to your vehicle's worth, and just might save a life.

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