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AMI License Plate Frames

AMI License Plate Frames

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Brand: AMI

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Making a dramatic impact is easy when you install an AMI billet custom license plate frame. Frames are available in choices of plain or flamed style with tag light only, break light only, or with tag and break lights combined. AMI plate frames are not stamped or cast they have been crafted from a solid sheet of aluminum. Choose either brushed or polished finish.

Why settle for a boring license plate holder when you can deck out your ride with cool license plate frames instead? Your license plate is like your car's nametag, its calling card to the world. Why not present a friendly face and show a little personality as you travel along? 

Designed for Decoration

Whether you're searching for an eye-catching splash of color or an elegant, understated look, there are custom license frames to suit every taste. You can show your support for your favorite national or local sports franchise with team logos. You can choose billet or chrome for a touch of classic nostalgia. You can even install a remote controlled frame that will hide your plates away when the vehicle is not in use to protect them from theft. There are even clear frames available if you want to protect your license plates but don't want to make a flashy show of it. 

Manufactured With Quality 

Regardless of what design you decide on, you can take comfort in the fact that your AMI license plate frames are crafted from only the highest quality materials such as aluminum, brass, and other resilient metals, as well as heavy-duty plastic. The best license plate frames are designed to last for many years, and that is exactly what you will get from AMI. Your AMI frames come with their very own mounting screws for your convenience. Installation is a simple matter and takes a matter of moments, even for those not mechanically inclined. 

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