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AMI Big Stick Solid Shaft Billet Antenna

AMI Big Stick Solid Shaft Billet Antenna

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What do an AMI Billet Antenna and an AMI hitch cover have in common? They are both functional pieces of equipment that nevertheless add to the aesthetic beauty of your vehicle. They are accessories that are often overlooked and underappreciated. They are also both automotive accessories that you can purchase from California Car Cover. Made in the USA.

Practical Concerns

What does a trailer hitch cover do? A trailer hitch cover serves two functions: one practical and one aesthetic. If you leave the trailer hitch installed on your vehicle at all times, it becomes a safety hazard. When trying to open the trunk of your vehicle with the trailer hitch installed, you could trip and fall over it and sustain an injury ranging from minor to serious. Also, a perpetually installed and unsecured trailer hitch could be an open invitation to thieves. On the other hand, driving around without the trailer hitch, with the receiver tube exposed and empty, could be hazardous to your vehicle's health. An open receiver tube can be a collecting area for corrosive debris that gradually eats away at your vehicle. Hitch accessories, such as a cover, will protect the tube, and by extension, the car's body, from dirt, debris, and other hazardous material. 

Aesthetic Expression

Hitch covers do not only serve a functional purpose, however. They also serve an ornamental function by customizing your car's look and expressing your individuality. California Car Cover offers several categories of designs to introduce yourself to the world via your back bumper. There are hitch covers honoring local and national sports teams, hobbies and interests, and licensed characters. American flag hitch covers allow you to express the patriotism swelling in your heart at this very minute.

Whether you're looking for a car antenna, a trailer hitch cover, or any number of other automotive accessories, California Car Cover probably stocks it as part of its vast inventory. Chances are good that your order will be shipped the same day that you place it.

The AMI Big Stick antenna is designed for excellent reception, even on the most out-of-the-way backroads, with its imposing-looking solid shaft of 7/16". It is available in two finishes, black and polished (silver-colored) and in five different heights, ranging from six inches to 21 inches. This car antenna includes four different adapters so it can fit all makes and models of vehicle. 

Stylish and Functional

Let's face it: antennas for cars are usually dull and generic looking. If you have a vintage or collectible car, you don't want a boring antenna ruining your overall automotive aesthetic. That being the case, the AMI Big Stick is the solution to your problem. Take your vehicle from mundane to out of this world with a stainless steel antenna, CNC machined in the United States. 

Simple Installation 

The universal fit of the Big Stick makes it ideal for any type of vehicle, regardless of age or manufacturer. With its machined aluminum and stainless steel construction, the billet antenna can take a lot of abuse from wind, rain, low-lying tree branches, and roaming vandals. Being so well built, it may even outlive your vehicle. 

More Billet Accessories 

Of course, there's more to California Car Covers' billet accessories than just antennas. They also offer billet fuel doors, exhaust plates, third brake lights, and door sills to give your car the touch of class and elegance that it deserves.

California Customer Service 

Founded in 1989, California Car Cover has garnered a loyal customer base over the course of over 28 years in business, and it is mostly based on their established reputation for quality customer service. They carry a huge range of inventory in stock, so that it often ships the same day that it was ordered. While they specialize in car covers, they've branched out into all kinds of car accessories to cater to the needs of all truck owners or car enthusiasts.

AMI's "Big Stick" 7/16" solid shaft custom antenna is designed for the very best reception. Choose from 5 lengths in either polished or black finishes. Each antenna made with 6MM female threads.

Antennas include 4 adapters:
5MM to 6MM Male
7MM Female to 6MM Male
10-24 Male to 6MM Male
1/4-20 Male to 6MM Male

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