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ACME Diecast Hammered Steel 1932 Ford 5-Window Coupe 1:18 Scale Replica Model A1805013

ACME Diecast Hammered Steel 1932 Ford 5-Window Coupe 1:18 Scale Replica Model A1805013

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Brand: ACME Diecast

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Check out the stance on this wicked-cool ACME Diecast Hammered Steel 1932 Ford 5-Window Coupe 1:18 Scale Replica Model hot rod. The mean, brushed steel finish is only the beginning! A shiny chrome blown Ardun engine is at the heart, with a highly detailed interior and undercarriage to round out the package. Vintage front dirt track tires with period-correct ribbed drag slacks on the back are fitted on chrome salt flat wheels to support the diecast metal body. Check out the bench seat, opening doors and trunk, and poseable steering. Approximately 8-1/2" long. Comes with serialized plate. Produced in a limited edition.

As a product of early American vehicle manufacturing, the 1932 Ford 5 Window Coupe is a popular enthusiast classic car. After World War II, many of them were bought up as used cars and spruced up with more powerful engines. Now, there is a diecast hammered steel replica of this retro powerhouse by ACME that is a beautiful addition to any car model enthusiast’s collection. 

Distinctive Engine Replica 

The details become apparent in the engine. Modeled after an Ardun V8, you can see every distinctive part in the metal engine. The multiple replica plug wires and accessory belts complement the accurately modeled distributor. In the pristine condition of the new model, the sparkling engine looks like it’s fresh out of a shop.

Professionally Crafted Exterior

This 1932 Model B Coupe collectible captures the design of the original factory steel craftsmanship. From the fully detailed trunk to the firewall separating the engine and front seats, the body’s diecast steel shines with a polished gloss. The wheels are ribbed with chrome rims showcasing kidney bean cutouts reminiscent of earlier days.

Every door on the body is free to be moved. If you desire to open the doors or trunk to display the masterfully crafted interior, it is designed to let you.

Perfectly Simple Interior

Like the original Ford 5 Window Coupe, the interior is simple. Even though it is simplistic, everything inside is a precise 1:18 recreation of the coupe.

The steel craftsmanship of the shifter and the dashboard panel is picturesque. The steering wheel and base of the shifter don a coat of black paint to replicate the original color scheme. The floor glistens and shows a reflection of the other components to offer a factory clean look.

Created by Experts 

Since the early 1990s, ACME Trading Co. has been creating die cast models with tightly controlled manufacturing to prevent defects. With the customer in mind, they strive for quality products at a good value. As a continuing dedication to their mission, they have released this 1932 5 Window Coupe.