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303® Tonneau & Convertible Top Cleaner 32 ounces 30571

303® Tonneau & Convertible Top Cleaner 32 ounces 30571

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Brand: 303 Products

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303® Tonneau & Convertible Top Cleaner is formulated for use on all convertible tops and materials. 303 is safe, quick and easy to use; simply spray on and rinse off. 303 will clean and at the same time add UV protection for your convertible top of truck tonneau cover.

Usage Directions:

Rinse thoroughly to remove loose particulates, solids & debris. While the area is still wet, apply 303® Tonneau & Convertible Top Cleaner™. Agitate lightly with a dampened soft nylon brush, terry cloth rag or sponge. Rinse thoroughly with clear water. For difficult soiling, let cleaner stand for 10-20 minutes, then scrub lightly to loosen the soiling/stain. Rinse thoroughly. (Always rinse before surface dries.) Warmer temperatures, agitation & longer dwell times aid the cleaning action. In cold temperatures, allow cleaner to work longer before rinsing.