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1955-1957 Chevy Front End Bra Masks

1955-1957 Chevy Front End Bra Masks

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Our 1955, 1956, 1957 Chevy Front End Bra Masks will keep your iconic beauty looking good while on the road. Show your classic Chevy some respect and protect that pretty grill, hood and bumper with a custom-made Chevy front end bra. Our 1955, 1956, 1957 Chevy front end bras, masks are available in a wide variety of choices to suit your needs, the form-fitting 1-piece vinyl shield is available with or without openings for a front license plate or bumper guards – simply let us know what you require. The custom fit bra has a soft inner lining and will protect the paint and chrome by deflecting potentially harmful road debris. Your Tri-Five will thank you! Made in the USA

Each 1955, 1956 and 1957 Chevy car bra is made of a specialized padded vinyl backed with a soft cotton/polyester blend designed to protect your paint. All edges and openings are trimmed in a soft felt for protection and a clean, finished look.

The tabs are made of a durable, bednable aluminum which are covered, padded and sewn to all bras. Tabs are designed to be bent and re-bent as needed for installation. After the first fitting, the Bra will slip on and off easily. It is not neccessary to completely straighten all tabs when removing the bra. Just un-crimp the tabs slightly and then re-crimp when resintalling.

We recommedn placing your 1955-1957 Cjevy Bra in the sun for a few minutes or using a heat gun/blowdryer just to warm the material during your first installation. This makes installation easier and allows the material to properly stretch which insures a tight fit. Most wrinkles will lessen as the material warms and conforms to the fenders. Readjustment may be neccessary after the material has warmed and conformed to your 1955, 1956 or 1957 Chevy.

Keep forward part of fenders free of dirt, dust and debris. Bra and car must be dry when installing. Painted areas of car in contact with bra must be completely cured before use. If underside of bra becomes wet, it is ok to continue to your destination, however, we recommend removing and allowing to completely dry before reinstalling to eliminate any potential risk of the paint clouding due to trapped moisture.


Open hood and place flaps by hood edge. Bunch up the bra on top of the hood, loop elastic around bullets & attach elastic straps with "S" hooks to hood support brackets. You can attach directly to or wrap elastic around bracket bringing strap back & attaching to itself...If you have customzied this area, you may need to get creative. Flaps under the hood prevent the bra from flapping. Align bra and bend the tabs under the hood so the bra material stops and the screen starts evenly with upper part along the front of the hood. "Bend/Form tab along the hood line.

Bunch up the bra on top of the hood and close the hood so that only the flaps go between the hood & fender. Pull each side over the headlight and bend tabs around the fenderwells and down across the bumper.

If you have a front license plate or vertical bumperguards, the openings for these MUST BE cutout to go around them.