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1949 Classic Car Hot Rod Tail Light Lamps

1949 Classic Car Hot Rod Tail Light Lamps

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Designed, produced, and completed through a collaboration with partners in the fiberglass and automotive paint and body shop industries, these unique 1949 Classic Car Hot Rod Tail Light Lamps are the brain child of a Southern California couple who could not contain their enthusiasm for classic American cars. These high quality, reproductions of a single tail light of either a 1949 or 1955 classic car feature a traditional-style lightbulb lamp as well as an illuminating base with an LED bulb that works great as a night light. The hand-laid fiberglass base has a colored gelcoat finish for shine and durability, and all electrical components are UL listed. Reproduction components are new and converted from 12V to 120V. The base of the 1949 Classic Car Hot Rod Tail Light Lamp comes in your choice of black, red or white and measures 9.75" wide x 9" long x 14" tall with an 8" harp (full height with shade is 27"). Made in the USA.