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As durable as your ATV, UTV or snowmobile is, even it needs some protection if stored outside for a prolonged period of time. Simply throwing a blanket over it is not going to do it. Our premium covers protect your powersports vehicle from nature’s elements so it can provide you with wristed twists for a very long time.

Durable Covers for Thrill-Seekers

We maintain a huge inventory of powersports covers for ultimate protection. ATV covers ensure that dirt, dust, debris and UV-rays can’t harm your thrill-machine. Waterproof fabric keeps tree and bird droppings from damaging its paint. Classic Accessories manufactures heavy-duty covers that provide protection even in extreme weather conditions. Air vents keep moisture, condensation and mildew from damaging your vehicle. We also sell rugged UTV covers with the same deluxe features! Believe it or not, even your snowmobile needs to be protected from anything that nature is throwing at them. Our snowmobile covers are made out of durable fabric with non-scratch hood liner and are guaranteed to never scratch or mark your vehicle’s finish. Your power machines have to endure enough as it is on the trails. Be sure to protect them when you take a break from having fun.

Custom Covers for Motorcycles

The air is full of pollutants and dust, and UV-rays are the number one enemy of any vehicle in storage. We are proud to offer motorcycle covers that protect your investment from harmful elements. You can choose between covers from Speedway Motors and CarCapsule, and of course our very own California Car Covers. All of them are an excellent choice for anyone who desires to safeguard their motorcycle. No matter if you’re looking for an innovative cover that never touches your motorcycle or a more classic cover proven to provide optimum protection, we have it all. We only sell the best covers and you can be assured that our California Car Covers don’t ever scratch your paint, guaranteed. 

In addition to car covers, we also sell tonneau covers that protect your cargo from nature’s elements and sticky fingers. With our huge inventory ready for same day shipping, we have what you need.