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The two things you love the most, your pet and your vehicle. Let your dog run wild without feeling like you’ve betrayed your car or truck. These pet travel accessories allow your pets to enjoy the wildlife without tracking the wildlife back inside your vehicle. Choose from the various pet seat covers, pet partitions, dog ramps, dog hammocks and much more!

Do you love to take your little furry buddies with you? Maybe you wish you could, but it has just been too inconvenient. California Car Cover provides so many different products to cater toward every need you might have when taking your pets in the car with you. From protective covers to ingenious devices you may not have even considered, you can find a huge range of pet-centered tools to make travelling that much better.

Protective Accessories

As much as you love your dog, there is no denying that messes can follow them sometimes. It might make you hesitate to let them into your vehicle for a long road trip if your nice interiors are at risk. At California Car Cover, we feature many different protective covers and dog door shield to keep the seats and doors of your car pristine. Lay down a pet pad in the cargo area for your pets to recline on while driving. There are bench seat covers and even entire car seats for your dog.

Products for Being on the Road

So your car is protected from your dog’s claws, but what about when you arrive? A portable shelter for pets can be a huge benefit to keeping your pets safe and comfy. Portable water dishes featuring brilliant designs make it easy to keep your pets hydrated too. Have you considered the car ramps for pets to help them in and out of the back of your vehicle? California Car Cover also offers a portable vacuum for truck & cars to clean your vehicle of dog fur after the trip is finished. We provide so many different car interior accessories, you can always find a new way to enjoy driving your car or truck. We work hard to help our customers as much as possible. No matter what your unique needs are, you can count on California Car Cover.