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Want your ride to go faster and run smoother? Browse our great selection of Air Filters, Intake Kits, Car Batteries, Exhausts, Speedometer Calibrators, Hookers, Performance Computers and Energy Programmers! Don’t be shy to chat, call, or look around our inventory for the perfect performance upgrades that’s for sure to make your ride the talk of the streets. At California Car Covers, we specialize in bringing you great products at great prices with great service!

There's nothing like cruising down a highway into the sunset. Auto enthusiasts understand to get the most from their ride, a little tinkering is necessary. Getting the car performance parts you need to amp up your ride is simple when you order online. The parts necessary to get the fun started are delivered right to your door, so you can hustle to your garage as soon as they arrive. No matter what part of your vehicle you're looking to maintenance, you can give your ride some TLC without the hassle.

Give Your Engine Extra Horsepower

You don’t need to be racing professionally to have mega power on your engine. Even just driving to and from work can become an adventure when you have an engine that purrs like a kitten. Air filters are essential from protecting your engine from pollutants and keeping it in top notch condition. Browse a plethora of air intake kits as well as a host of high-quality performance engine parts to give your engine a good kick. The kits contain all the components in one nifty package so you don't have to purchase each part individually, and save money in the process too.

Parts For Novices and Professionals Alike

Everyone has to start somewhere when it comes to learning the intricacies of auto repair. Racing parts are available to spruce up your vehicle no matter your experience level. The best engineered parts, including premium air intake filters, always make the process easier, whether you're a newbie or a pro. Open up the hood of your car with confidence knowing that your part won't fail when the going gets tough. By using parts that are impeccably designed, you can substantially prolong the life of your vehicle, and make going behind the wheel more enjoyable. With just a few tweaks, your ride can transform from a dinger to a zinger everyone will love.