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Get the kids started early with their very own set of wheels and watch them drive down the neighborhood sidewalks at full speed. Ride-on Pedal Cars can be fun for the whole family, giving your tiny rascals a reason to spend ample time outdoors while you get to watch them grow into the little auto enthusiasts you’d always hoped they’d be. Whether you need to find a fun and engaging way to redirect your little ones’ energy or you simply want to enjoy more quality family time to bond over your beloved hobby, give model cars a chance to bring joy to everyone in the household.

Choose From a Great Selection of Cars or Bikes

Having an awesome four-wheeled ride to drive around the yard or park is hardly something to sneeze at, but traipsing around on a cool modern or vintage bike can be just as exciting. Give your oldest child a Vintage Electric Bike to admire, while making your youngest child equally happy with a 12-Volt Ride-On Car. If they start giving each other grief over who has the better vehicle, simply have them switch rides every so often to keep the peace and utilize the opportunity for a quality life lesson about sharing. Regardless of who gets which ride, they’ll undoubtedly be happy to simply share the passion for automobiles that their parents instilled in them from the day they were brought into the world.

Give Yourself an Automotive Toy As Well

The pedal cars don’t have to be the only toys in the garage. Allow yourself to relax with your own version of fun with some model engines to work on and display proudly to your friends and family. These classic scale models featuring names of top automotive brands are quite the collectibles, making them both an entertaining hobby and an awesome way to demonstrate your model-building skills, using only the best in proper tools. Treat the whole house to some automotive fun and inspire fun family time everyone can enjoy.