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Parking Aids & Protection

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Parking Aids & Protection

Though you probably like to ride wild and free in your vehicle out on the open road, parking your beloved auto can be an entirely different matter. After all, you want your car to be safe and protected wherever you do park it, ensuring that it stays secure until you come back to it at a later time. However, your car can be vulnerable to exterior damage even in your own home, which is why it's important to set up precautions wherever you regularly park your car. If you're in the market for helpful items that can safeguard your vehicle in dark or tight spaces, let the variety of parking aids and protection on sale at California Car Cover help guide you into a safer parking zone for the foreseeable future.

Let’s face it - accidents happen, and even the most careful drivers run into trouble. The last thing you want is to return home and then have a carelessly opened door or parking mishap mar your vehicle. For protection against learning drivers, rowdy children, and little mishaps alike, California Car Cover Co. offers a variety of parking aid accessories to help you feel safe even in your own garage.

Explore the latest parking aids to personalize your garage space and stay safe. Find out how you can conveniently park your vehicle in your garage regardless of the size of your stall or the amount of objects nearby. Pick up flooring & doormatsfor easy-to-clean surfaces that reduce the risk of scratches, dents and dings. Compare these products today to see how you can personalize your garage and protect your investment.

What Is the Best Parking Garage Aid?

At California Car Cover, we offer a wide range of parking aids for your garage. The key to finding the best parking garage aid is to consider your garage and your vehicle. Personalized aids often perform better than a generic product. Consider the areas most prone to bumping on the walls or door of your garage. If you have a blindspot in front of your vehicle as you pull in, pick up a parking mat or laser to indicate when you’ve pulled in enough.

Other helpful garage aids include door guards, curb ramps, chocks and tire traction mats. Wheel locks are a great security option that also doubles as chocks while parked in your garage. Chocks are essential if you or your loved ones are working or playing around your parked vehicle.

How Do You Stop a Garage Parking?

There’s nothing worse than bumping into your garage wall or storage item while trying to park your vehicle. This not only dents your car, but also damages your garage. Stop your vehicle in the perfect parking space with parking mats or a garage laser.

Parking mats create a noticeable bump when you reach your parking space. Lasers make it easy to see to visualize how close you are to the end of your garage. Parking lot stop signs and other items are affordable and convenient ways to find the end of your garage. Simply place a stop sign parking light exactly where you want the front bumper of your vehicle to stop. This will give you a visual indication that you’re fully inside your garage without risking bumping into the wall.

What Parking Garage Sensors Are the Best?

Compare all the highest rated parking garage sensors at California Car Cover. We have name-brand sensors that are convenient, affordable and highly rated for your use. Read specifications, commonly asked questions and customer reviews to find the best sensor for your personal garage. Pick up durable garage flooringand other protective items to enjoy a beautiful garage and flawless car.

Hang Safety Objects From Above

Driving into a cramped, low-lit space in your garage can be catastrophic for your car if you're not always clear on where to stop. Thankfully, there are helpful parking aids online that can prevent your car or truck from incurring any dings, dents or scratches for the long haul. Our large assortment of accessories include options like light-up ball assists that can be installed in the ceiling and hung low enough to react once your windshield hits them. Or, you can invest in laser devices that pinpoint the exact spot for you to park so you never creep too far inside. Different models are available for both single and double car garages, offering plenty of suitable options to provide you with additional safeguards. Regardless of what you choose, these highly reliable and affordable products can help prevent future damage to your car, helping you to avoid costly repairs or detailing in the future.

Place Protective Guards Down Below

If you prefer having preventative aids in place on the ground or along the walls, there are a myriad of items at California Car Cover to cater to your needs, as well. Opt for cushioned, smart stick guards that can attach to your garage wall, or even alongside your vehicle for your convenience. Other possibilities include picking a type of curbed car stopper or structured parking mats that lock your tires into place once you've reached your destination for ideal parking every time. There's no limit to the amount of safeguards you can install to prevent damage to your beloved ride, so consider all of your options by relying on the best reviews on parking aids and protection and invest in the right solution that works for you.

Scratch-Proof Your Garage

It takes only one mistake - one collision with a wall or stray object in the garage - to leave an unsightly scratch or dent on your door or bumper. Careful parking is one half of keeping your ride pristine, and setting up garage bumpers is the rest. Padded with soft materials like polyester or polyethylene, these bumpers attach to the back and sides of your garage and absorb accidental impacts without giving your exterior a nasty mark. For garages with multiple cars side-by-side, a hanging guard offers car door protection for both vehicles when placed between them.

Some car protection products install on your vehicle itself, sticking in place on the door with suction cups to absorb impact; these can be placed or removed without damaging the paint.

Park Safely And Smartly

For an inexperienced or cautious driver or a prized vehicle, it can pay off to give yourself a little guidance when parking in your garage. Motion-sensor parking aids offer a visual reference by activating a laser when your car enters the garage, keeping you steady and aimed towards the ideal parking spot. If you’re already setting up garage bumpers, consider reflective models that also are clearly visible for extra assurance. For a more physical aid, parking chocks can stop your vehicle in the right spot before an accident occurs and can also lock the wheels in place after parking to prevent it from rolling away.

Parking Aids & Protection

After you have just taken your sweet ride out for a drive, washed and dried it, the last thing you want is a dent or scratch from a parking mishap. Even the most experienced drivers may come across some surprises stored in the garage or get distracted and pull up a little too far. Instead of waiting for that day to happen, garage parking aids are an easy and inexpensive way to give your vehicle some added protection.

Easy Install Parking Aids & Protection

From basic stoppers to a ParkingSpot™ Diamond Plate Aluminum Parking Mat or more technologically advanced device, there are an array of devices on the market to prevent a parking mishap. Regardless of which style is best for your needs, most are designed for easy installation and durability. There are also temporary options that can be easily removed when not needed, such as a stick on door protector, chalks or ramps. More fixed solutions, such as a wall guard or laser guide, often just require a little time to get set up but can be well worth the time.

Why Should You Use Parking Aids?

While parking is a relatively easy task, the unexpected can happen. Along with making it easier to park your vehicle, these aids simply make the process safer and smarter. If the lights go out or a storm starts brewing, they help you ease into the exact right spot. As well as protecting your vehicle from potential damage, they also aid in protecting other items. Whether a bike wasn’t quite properly put away or a toy was dropped, they ensure that you stop before something is run over. There are additional Garage Accessories that make it easier to stay organized to avoid a mishap.

How To Set Up Parking Aids in Your Garage

Since there are many options available, the setup will depend on what is the right option for your garage. No matter which one you choose, most installation comes down to some good measurements. The first step is to get your vehicle to the exact spot you want to park every time. If going with something nonelectrical, you simply follow the installation instructions and place where it will best protect your vehicle. For more advanced options, be sure that you have access to an outlet in your garage. Any ceiling or wall devices will come with mounting brackets and instructions. Once installed, it is as simple as plugging it in.