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Parking Aids & Protection

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Parking Aids & Protection

Keep your ride scratch and door ding free! Browse through our variety of parking aides that can keep your ride in flawless condition and accessories that will put your car in the perfect spot of your garage every time. Whether it’s bumpers or pads to prevent damage from people/kids recklessly flinging the door open or it’s a parking guide that allows you to park in the most efficient spot of your garage, California Car Cover has got you covered! If you have any questions or just want advice on what's best for your individual needs, please feel free to call our toll free number and we’d be happy to help!

Let’s face it - accidents happen, and even the most careful drivers run into trouble. The last thing you want is to return home and then have a carelessly opened door or parking mishap mar your vehicle. For protection against learning drivers, rowdy children, and little mishaps alike, California Car Cover Co. offers a variety of parking aid accessories to help you feel safe even in your own garage.

Scratch-proof Your Garage

It takes only one mistake - one collision with a wall or stray object in the garage - to leave an unsightly scratch or dent on your door or bumper. Careful parking is one half of keeping your ride pristine, and setting up garage bumpers is the rest. Padded with soft materials like polyester or polyethylene, these bumpers attach to the back and sides of your garage and absorb accidental impacts without giving your exterior a nasty mark. For garages with multiple cars side-by-side, a hanging guard offers car door protection for both vehicles when placed between them.

Some car protection products install on your vehicle itself, sticking in place on the door with suction cups to absorb impact; these can be placed or removed without damaging the paint.

Park Safely And Smartly

For an inexperienced or cautious driver or a prized vehicle, it can pay off to give yourself a little guidance when parking in your garage. Motion-sensor parking aids offer a visual reference by activating a laser when your car enters the garage, keeping you steady and aimed towards the ideal parking spot. If you’re already setting up garage bumpers, consider reflective models that also are clearly visible for extra assurance. For a more physical aid, parking chocks can stop your vehicle in the right spot before an accident occurs and can also lock the wheels in place after parking to prevent it from rolling away.