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Find all California Car Cover promo codes and sales right here!  California Car Cover has the best car covers on sale, along with collectibles and apparel any car lover on your shopping list will love!  Take advantage of these limited time offers; up to 70% off our already low prices.  Our clearance items and Holiday specials are only available for a short time, while supplies last.  

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Sales & Specials

Owning and maintaining your vehicle requires a lot of time, money and effort, whether you have a classic ride or a modern model. However, that doesn't mean you enjoy taking care of your car any less; it simply means you take pride in the work that you do accomplish. When you've done all you can to optimize your vehicle to its greatest potential (depleting your cash reserves as a result), feel free to reward yourself by finding a few car accessories on sale that further support your goal without inevitably breaking the bank. At California Car Cover, we provide plenty of excellent specials and daily deals to ensure you can give your vehicle the high-quality treatment it deserves.

Our list of clearance and specials changes frequently so make sure you check often for our new special and clearance items! Not only do we offer great prices, we pride ourselves on offering great service! California Car Covers Co. proudly & affordably accessorizing your cars & trucks since 1989. 

Cars are your passion. Whether you’re a collector of the classics or you have a bigger interest in newer, more modern cars, building, buying and maintaining your cars is a huge part of your life. However, this is a hobby that can quickly become expensive. While the cars themselves aren’t getting any more affordable, you can save a bit of cash on how you choose to protect them by shopping for car accessory deals when looking for custom fit car covers. 

Wiping the Slate Clean

Spending a lot of time out on the open road can significantly affect the look of your vehicle, whether it's covered in dust and bug residue from those long country roads, or left parked in a forested area under a tree dripping sap. Whatever the case may be, your car can always use some extra sprucing after extensive use, so turn to our varied assortment of cleaning and polishing items to help restore it to its shiny best. California Car Cover is known for offering some of the best deals on car accessories on the market, so peruse our inventory for anything from glass-cleaning sprays and microfiber cloths to mini dusters and full detailing kits. Our items come from highly respected brands in the industry such as Mooneyes, Vintage Concepts, ACME Diecast, Snow Joe and more, so you can trust that your hard-earned money won't be wasted on cheaply-made products. All in all, you'll be able to leave your car looking as pristine as the day it came off the showroom floor.

Load Up on Amenities

There's no denying that buying countless items for your car can be pricey. Thankfully, California Car Cover makes it easy and stress-free to stock up on all the goods you want, at prices even drivers on a budget can afford. Our store offers the best discounts on car accessories to ensure that anyone has the chance to improve the style and comfort of their vehicle. Opt for a heated backseat cushion to support your passengers as they ride, or pick up a lighted snow broom and ice remover to minimize the irritation of clearing your windshield on chilly mornings. Whatever you need, our car accessories have you covered, so turn to our widespread selection for anything your auto enthusiast heart desires.

Getting the Most for Your Money

Car cover discounts can save you a ton of cash over the years, but that doesn’t mean you should give up the quality levels you’ve become accustomed to. After all, this is the piece that’s preserving all of that hard work you’ve put into your vehicle over the years. Even a low-cost discount car cover should be able to:

  • Protect your paint job from fading
  • Work without scratching your paint
  • Perfectly fit your ride

If a car cover can’t offer you these simple but important features, it might be a good idea to keep on searching.

Shopping With the Pros

Anytime you’re shopping for specials & clearance covers, you want to ensure you’re working with the professionals to get the quality you’re accustomed to, no matter how much (or little) you’re looking to spend. Getting a professional opinion before making your purchase in any situation helps to make sure you’re getting a part that’s not only excellent, but which is well-suited for its intended purpose as well. Professionals may even be able to suggest a better product in some cases, or point out some other exterior car accessories that could be useful for your car preservation efforts.

Regardless of the budget you’re working with, shopping for discount car covers can help you save a bit of cash, so you have more of your hard-earned money to spend on the car itself. Your hobby is important, after all, and you deserve to truly enjoy building your car collection.