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Old Guys Rule T-Shirts & Hats

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A badge of honor, California Car Covers offers a full line of Old Guys Rule apparel because, well, old guys RULE! For the mature, experienced gentlemen who aren't even close to burning out, we show our respect with these awesome tees and caps!

You’re not old, you’re vintage. You’re a classic, and with that classic status comes prestige, wisdom, and the freedom to fork your fingers up and declare “Old Guys Rule!” That’s why we’ve got a selection of Old Guys Rule t-shirts, hats, and branded apparel designed to show the world you’re not over the hill, you’re just over the drama and here to chill.

Quality Apparel With Unique Designs

No one can miss your pride when you wear your Old Guys Rule t-shirts. Our stock of branded t-shirts are made of 100% cotton, preshrunk to prevent any laundry room mishaps and guaranteed to weather the test of time with direct dye and enzyme washing. Colorfast and beautifully designed, these unique shirts come in a number of vintage classic styles with highly detailed designs and gorgeous artwork representing the years of Old Guys Rule style. When you wear Old Guys Rule branded apparel, you aren’t just wearing a shirt. You’re joining a club of thousands who refuse to let age tell them how to live.

Additional Old Guys Rule Accessories

Some of our favorite Old Guys Rule accessories are the hats. They’re a distinctive way to show your style right up front, and make your feelings heard loud and clear. We have hats with the classic V8 logo, the beloved Woodie design, a patriotic American flag – as well as racing hats with distinctive stripes and eye-catching designs. Each hat is designed for comfort and durability, made of tough, long-lasting materials and built for a snug, comfortable fit.

If you’re looking to complement your Old Guy style with a few other brands, give our Rat Fink t-shirts and Mr. Horsepower t-shirts a shot. Nothing says old guys can’t use a little company from a few other beloved brands, and we’re happy to have you shop with us to fill your branded apparel needs.