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Mud Guards & Flaps

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Protect the drivers behind you while also keeping your fenders in tip top shape. Mud flaps and mud guards help stop rock, mud, and grime in its tracks. Don’t continue to allow your vehicle to take a beating from the ground below, shop our custom mud flaps and mud guards to pin down the opponent for good!

Your vehicle is built for tough, challenging terrain. On any given day, it’s likely to be covered in mud from your latest off-roading adventure. While a little mud is inevitable, you can keep splatters from getting out of control with quality mud guards and flaps.

Durable Materials

Don’t insult your vehicle by adorning it with flimsy mud flaps. Your tough off-roader deserves to show off thick, durable mud flaps that are capable of handling mud clods from the most extreme outdoor adventures. Our Durable Mud Flaps are made to offer superior protection for the exterior doors and quarter panels on your truck, crossover or SUV. They’ll also protect the vehicles around you from being plastered with the remnants of your most recent exploratory venture.

These mud flaps offer full tread coverage and maximum length. They’re manufactured from impact resistant thermoplastic that is highly durable and able to withstand severe weather conditions.

No-Drill Designs

Installing mud flaps just got easier with our WeatherTech DigitalFit No-Drill Mud Flaps. Each flap is custom-fit to your vehicle and offers a revolutionary QuickTurn fastening system, so there’s no need to drill into your vehicle’s gorgeous painted surface. These custom mud flaps are must-have off roading accessories for car owners who appreciate convenience and reliability.

There is no need to remove your tires when installing these high-quality mud flaps that are molded from proprietary thermoplastic resin. Instead, install them quickly and easily using the patent pending stainless steel fastening system.

Complete the Look

Finish outfitting your favorite all-terrain vehicle with additional accessories that are both attractive and functional. Our hitch covers & steps will keep your hitch protected in the off season and make it easier to get into your jacked-up truck without pulling a muscle. While you’re here, take a few minutes to browse through our truck bed accessories, including nets, stabilizer bars, utility ramps and extenders.