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It’s bad enough you have to leave your bike outside to feel the wrath of mother nature. Don’t make it worse by leaving it out there without proper protection. Whether you are looking for temporary motorcycle covers, or more long term motorcycle storage bags, bubbles and capsules, California Car Covers has got you covered! Protect your ride, protect your investment. If you need help or advice on which motorcycle cover is the best for you, don’t hesitate to call our friendly service through our toll free line, we’d be happy to help!

There is nothing like riding a motorcycle. Not only does your bike look great, it helps you tap into your sense of adventure and freedom. Your iconic machine, however, faces risks that other vehicles usually avoid. To keep your bike looking great and running perfectly, you must think about how you store it.

Get an Instant Shelter

Your bike makes you feel wild and free. It doesn’t, however, provide much protection from the elements. If you are caught in a sudden downpour, you need fast shelter. With a pop-up tent, you protect your bike from hail, rain, and other damaging weather while keeping yourself dry and warm. If you ever ride on unsunny days, you can’t leave your ride to chance. Rather, you must order an instant shelter to avoid bike damage and personal injury.

Invest in Long-Term Storage Solutions

Unfortunately, you probably can’t ride your bike year-round. Even if you live in a warm-weather climate, you probably want to periodically store your bike. As such, you need motorcycle covers that are designed for long-term storage. Consider ordering an outdoor motorcycle storage bag or capsule if you can’t keep your bike in a garage.

Keep Rust From Eating Your Bike

You probably know that rust can quickly destroy a motorcycle. Made with rust-prevention technology, an anti-rust storage bag keeps rust from devouring your bike. When you store your machine, be certain it is clean and dry. Then, place it in a rust-free bag to store it with confidence.

With the right car cover accessories, you can be sure your motorcycle cover fits right and stays firmly in place. Likewise, if you pull a trailer behind your bike, be sure you shop for trailer covers that are made specifically for your customized bike. Since these items have strong construction and durable textiles, you can be sure your bike is ready to go at the beginning of the next riding season.