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Customizing your interior can not only improve the looks of your ride, but the right accessories can also improve your rides functionality as well. Whether you’re in need of a new classic low rider console, RetroSound Two Radio, Grocery Bag Holders or anything else, California Car Cover Company’s great selection has got you covered.

As a car enthusiast, you know it’s not only the exterior of your vehicle that matters. After all, it’s the inside that counts, right? That’s why we offer everything you need to customize your vehicle’s interior: dash covers, car pedal pads, floor mats, Jeep interior parts and much more.

Fancy Interior Accessories

Sometimes it’s okay to be frivolous. With as much time as you’re spending in traffic, you deserve an interior that makes you feel good. That snazzy Camaro that’s sitting in your garage needs accessories worthy of its statue. Our racing shift knobs take your driving experience to the next level. Get your geek on with our Defenderworx Camaro gear shift handle that literally transforms your Camaro! It features the officially licensed Transformers Decepticon and Autobot logos and you can choose between black and chrome finish for your automatic or manual style vehicle. Or get yourself a nice seat cover with your vehicle’s logo for a truly customized look. And they actually protect your seats from coffee spills, mud and such things. We have premium accessories that restore your vehicle’s interior or take it up a notch.

Practical Interior Parts

Now, we also do sell useful accessories. Are you tired of grocery bags sliding around when heading home from the store? Then check out our grocery bag holders. No more crushed soda cans or squashed bananas! If you’re looking for a way to neatly transport your business clothes, you need a headrest or car butler hanger that ensure that you look your best at all times. No matter if you enjoy road trips or if you haul your kinds around, you have lots of stuff to bring along. Our back seat and pocket pods storage solutions let you organize all your belongings so you can actually find stuff. No one wants their vehicle to get stolen, but unfortunately this happens all too often. We offer the The Club steering wheel lock as an easy and secure option for protecting your car.

Enhance your driving experience with our large selection of interior and exterior accessories and Jeep exterior parts. At California Car Covers we always put our customers first!