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Are you tired of hunting down that screwdriver? Do you cringe at the thought of digging through your home supplies? The right system could relieve stress, save time and improve productivity. Achieve order and efficiency throughout your home and garage by investing in the best supplies on the market! Look no further than our vast selection to fulfill all of your storage and accessory needs. Our high-quality, low-priced products allow you to save money while increasing the functionality and enhancing the appearance of your space.


Garage Accessories


The garage is a versatile room. Set it up to meet multiple demands. Enhance your car work with garage accessories such as shop towel dispensers, extension cord reels and holders and body rotisserie racks. Looking to relax after a long day, add some decor like the gas pump liquid dispenser. 


Don't let bugs, heat and cold keep you away from projects. Improve thermal temperature with the Innovative Energy Garage Door Insulation Kit and the Inforesight Indoor Outdoor Hanging Heater. Stop annoying insects with a mesh screen. 

Best Garage Storage and Organization

One of the best things about your garage is the sheer volume of parts, accessories and materials it can hold. Maintain a cleanly organized area with our range of durable cabinets, racks and shelving. Have everything you require right at your fingertips, from garage tools to hoses.  

Garage Tools

Be stocked and prepared to tackle car demands with our collection of top-notch products that take care of your car maintenance needs. We have the supplies in stock at low prices. Pick up jack stands, portable air tanks and protective pads. Protect yourself with a shop apron, PPE face shield and M-Pact Gloves.

Assemble a home garage that inspires accomplishment and relaxation. Search through the online catalog today to outfit your home with items that establish structure and ease. California Car Cover strives to assist our customers to make the most of their vehicle and time!