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Headlight Care

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Are your headlights starting to look a bit foggy? If so, it can affect your ability to drive safely in low-light conditions. Unfortunately, it’s normal for headlights to become yellow and foggy with age and exposure to the elements. However, you can restore your lights to like-new condition with a headlight plastic restoration kit.

Beat the Fog

Ultra-violet light from the sun affects the surface of headlight plastic and causes it to yellow or develop a foggy appearance. While this common problem can be largely avoided by storing your vehicle indoors when not in use, it will still likely happen as your vehicle gets older. Thankfully, there are products available that can help you beat the fog and return your headlights to their original, pristine condition.

We recommend purchasing a headlight restorer at the first sign of fogginess. You may want to visually inspect your headlights every few months to check for yellowing or a foggy appearance. You can even take preventative measures by cleaning your headlights with a buff & polish ball on a regular basis. If you have a hard time remember headlight care, try combining it with other regular maintenance needs, like oil changes or waxing your car.

Quality Products

Our headlight care kits are composed of high quality products formulated specifically for headlights. Some are designed to be sprayed on and rubbed in with a soft, microfiber cloth. Others come with a thicker formula that can be applied to a microfiber applicator and buffed until it reaches a high shine. We also offer protectant wipes that can not only polish away grime, but protect your headlights from harmful UV rays, dust and stains. All excess polish should be removed promptly with a microfiber polishing towel for a crystal clear finish.

Additional Car Care Products

Why stop at cleaning your headlights? Bring the rest of your vehicle to a flashy shine with our car polish waxes and car polishing pads.