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Golden Shine Car Care

You can always find the lowest prices on Golden Shine Car Care Products here!  Whether you’re looking to protect, improve or clean your car, these products have the highest quality and best results.  Golden Shine offers care for both the exterior of your vehicle and car interior.  Now at an even bigger discount, you’re truly investing in your vehicle with their car wax, car wash, polishing kits, and even interior...More

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Golden Shine Car Care Products

You feel refreshed and rejuvenated when you take a shower and engage in some grooming and personal care. Your personal vehicle deserves a clean and shine that helps it put its best wheel forward. Golden Shine Car Care brings a wide range of cleaning products that helps you keep autos, big and small, looking their best. Commanding the road is easier when your vehicle is detailed with an unbelievable shine. California Car Cover provides the best parts, accessories and products for the riding experience you truly deserve.

How Golden Shine Car Care Makes Your Car Look New Again

Part of the appeal of a brand new car (besides the smell) is that showroom shine. Turn back the years and restore your vehicle’s appearance with Golden Shine Car Care products. No two vehicles are the same, so we bring you a variety of products that meet your particular cleaning and detailing needs. From individual products that address particular areas such as wheels to complete kits that offer a bumper-to-bumper clean, California Car Cover has you covered for that fresh-out-of-the-showroom look.

Can You Protect & Improve You Car with Golden Shine?

Golden Shine Car Care knows that your car has a lot of parts and keeping them clean and presentable is important to you. Choose from a kit that boosts both your auto’s interior and exterior. The Golden Shine Machine Polish Starter kit helps remove contaminants and other grime from your clear coat to restore its finish. It’s one thing to clean, but it’s another thing to restore and upgrade the appearance of your favorite set of wheels. California Car Cover makes it convenient and affordable!

A Wide Variety of Car Care Options

Producing the gorgeous glow you love to see from your vehicle takes dedication. We are committed to supporting that dedication by carrying the items you need. From the interior of your car to exterior, there should be a Golden Shine Product for almost every step of the car care process.

 Just a few of the wide variety of products we carry include:

It takes more than just one product to get the job done. We offer Golden Shine products in several large sets and combinations of similar products, so that you can get the best deal on the items you need. In addition to cleaning products available in convenient sizes and quantities, we carry extra cleaning tools and accessories such as the Golden Shine Ultimate Towel Kit and Car Care Organizer Tote Bag. Using the proper towels or microfiber cloths makes cleaning your car easier and more affective, and the tote bag helps you to keep all your handy products neat and organized.

Where to Find Wheel Cleaner, Glass, and Tire Spray

California Car Cover is your go-to for automobile accessories at amazing prices. We’ve got a large inventory of premium products for a customized, upgraded ownership experience. We know that it’s not enough to keep your car’s body gleaming, so we offer products that bring the shine you love to your windows, your wheels and more!

We know you love your car. Let us help you keep it looking its best with Golden Shine Car Care Products. From a basic car wash starter kit to full sets of waxing and polishing products, we should carry nearly anything you’re looking for.

Summer Car Care for Your Sports Car or Classic

Summer Car Care for Your Sports Car or Classic

Need something to do this holiday weekend? Our premium Golden Shine Car Care Products will protect and shine your daily driver or classic.