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Gas Station Signs & Memorabilia

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Gas Station Signs & Memorabilia

For as expansive as our beautiful country is, road tripping has become an American pastime unlike any other. If you grew up enjoying the United States via the open road, you have probably become familiar with particular landmarks and sights. With our expansive line of vintage gas station memorabilia, evoke some of that nostalgia and display a bit of your history for all to see.

An Unforgettable Gift

Perhaps you aren't the enthusiast, but you know someone who is. Old gasoline station signs and memorabilia make excellent gifts for the car enthusiast(s) in your life. There are plenty of options available, so if you can't decide on only one, why not buy more? They make excellent conversation pieces and work well in spaces like:

  • Man caves/she-sheds
  • Garages and workshops
  • Gallery walls

Reproductions of Classics

At California Car Cover, we don't sell cheap knockoffs that will fall apart the moment they arrive at your door. Careful, meticulous consideration has been put into every item from wall art to gas station memorabilia for sale so that it is as close as possible to its original counterpart. Our product line is expansive, reaching into the depths of your memory so that when you're searching, you really do find something for everyone.

Pumping Your Own Gas

For the truly sentimental souls, we carry a line of vintage gas pump replicas that look just like the real thing. Researched and thoughtfully designed, each pump is built to model the original as closely as possible. Depending on the model you choose, you can even use them as curio cabinets to display other memorabilia inside of an already awesome piece.

A Neon Beacon

Remember the way those bright gas station lights represented a break during a long stretch of driving when you were a kid? Recreations of those same signs that you remember are available in oversized versions to bring back those memories. Check out our selection; you might be surprised to find certain name brands that you remember and some that you had almost forgotten.

Tin Signs From An Earlier Time

Simplicity is all you need sometimes when you're looking for wall decor, and our selection of tin signs from different decades helps you find exactly what you're looking for. From vintage advertisements to gasoline name brands, tin signs make a cool addition to any wall.

Spruce Up Your Walls With Vintage Signs

Rolling on a simple layer of paint can only do so much to give your man cave a fresh, new look. Give the space added appeal by hanging some vintage auto signs including old gas station signs, vintage oil signs or even some personalized car signs to truly make the space your own. Show off your love and loyalty to your favorite auto brands, or display classic gems that remind you of your childhood. Whatever the reason, your bro pad deserves a little TLC to really make it stand out and give you a comfortable place to unwind and feel at ease. Use your specialized designer eye to overhaul your old, dingy room with some distinct, classic auto memorabilia and enjoy the benefits of your awesome upgrades.

Go Above and Beyond Basic Wall Fixtures

If simple wall art isn’t enough to meet the needs of your man cave dreams, consider stepping up into some other classic auto memorabilia. Expand past your love for gas station metal signs with a variety of vintage gas pumps, available in small, counter-size options or full-scale, free-standing replicas. All it takes is some quality vintage pieces to give the room an entirely new look, one suitable for an auto enthusiast who enjoys his personal space. Bring over your car-loving buddies, sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor after you spend a little time turning your man cave into the ideal setup it was designed to be.