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Garage Flooring

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Choose from a great selection of Garage Flooring from the pros at California Car Cover Co. Take your garage to the next level with a professional look while protecting your garage floor. Choose flooring options such as garage tiles, mats and protective coatings.

For auto enthusiasts, the garage serves many purposes. Its the port from which you take off in your prized car or truck, the DIY workshop where you get your hands dirty, and the bridge between your life behind the wheel and in the rest of the world. Well-chosen garage accessories enhance both form and function for this space, and new flooring is a major part. Establishing a spot for display and maintenance is as valuable to garage organization as tool racks and storage shelves.

Reliable Tile Flooring

Display tile flooring highlights your car, truck or motorcycle in perfect auto show style, but it has functional benefits to offer, too. The tiles lock together smoothly and without tools or glue - minimal hassle required and no chemical fumes involved. They also provide a protective surface on top of your garage floor, boasting improved resistance to petroleum and other chemicals and being easier to clean. Lay these down and enhance your auto workshop for easier maintenance - and accent your garages look with any of the colors and patterns in our stock. A quality set of floor tiles lasts for years to provide style and protection your garage needs.

Heavy-Duty Protective Mats

For transforming the garage and workshop, auto aficionados turn to installing new garage floor mats as well. Designed with heavy use and extensive auto work in mind, these mats are made of high-quality polyvinyl selected for resilience. Mud and debris tracked across the garage floor and into the home is one issue, but oil, gasoline and chemical solvents can damage concrete and penetrate into soil below. A durable floor mat is a barrier against these threats, and easily installed to boot. Available in coin, ribbed or diamond tread textured patterns and featuring a variety of finishes from matte black to the classic metallic floor liner look, garage mats are a solid finishing touch for your auto space.