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Garage Accessories

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Garage Accessories

Make your garage your crew's favorite pit stop! Choose from our selection of must-have, fun and cool garage accessories, a great gift idea for the auto enthusiast in your life. California Car Covers offers the best car accessories with the best personalized service. Shop online or call us toll-free and we'd be happy to help!

The auto enthusiast’s life goes beyond just their car, reaching into the space they live and work in - and at the heart of it is the garage. Here, a pit stop, a workspace, a lounge, and a gallery all combine in one place. Whether it’s for you or another car nut in your life, transform that space into a true home for a vehicle and its owner with our selection of cool garage stuff.

The DIY Haven

An auto fan knows their car or truck better than anyone else, so it’s natural for many to turn to handling the hardware themselves. Among our garage accessories is a variety of items and installations that make auto work that much easier. Extra storage - for tools, keys, or spare tires and gasoline - make the most of garage space and help keep things tidy. Equipment small and large, from work gloves and extension cords to car body racks, fit the “work smarter, not harder” ethic perfectly. For a safer work environment, mount an air circulator to vent smoke and fumes, or get a shop vac and pressure washer to clear away messes. Just to be sure, set up a fire extinguisher, too - better safe than sorry. 

The Perfect Pit Stop

Your car isn’t the only thing getting some maintenance done in the garage. After a hard day’s work - or when the whole crew’s visiting - a well-stocked garage makes for a great spot for some R&R. Spice it up with auto-themed decor and furniture, then install a portable heater and some garage door insulation and make it the place to hang out in summer and winter alike. Don’t forget the drinks, either! A mini-fridge next to the tool chest and an antique pub light make great garage gift ideas for auto-loving friend or family, just the thing for their pit stop of choice.